Would you buy heating in the summer?


It may seem like a shocking idea -fitting heaters in the height of summer- especially when the recent weather has had us reaching for our bottles of sun cream. However, if you want to get ahead of the curve, you need to start planning now for those pesky winter chills.  We take a look at Fischer Future Heat, with their amazing collection of high-quality heaters.

Usually, it’s the case where we frantically plan at the last minute how to ensure the chill doesn’t affect us too much, either stocking up on logs for the fire or cranking up the temperature on the thermostat, increasing your bills in the process! The majority of homeowners go for gas heating as it’s considered the more affordable option while electric heating, especially from night-storage units, can be rather expensive and difficult to plan for with the unpredictable nature of British weather!

What Fischer Future Heat have done for 70 years is create bespoke heaters from excellent German-manufactured heating products to maximise the potential in your home, not just heating up the rooms you spend the most time in but also promising to “turn your coldest room into the most comfortable”.

So you ask why would I invest money now into these practical heaters while it is still lovely and warm outside? Because failing to prepare is preparing to fail, meaning if you wait until the cold weather kicks in to think about your heating, it can take up to six weeks to install each unit, depending on the specification and measurements you require, with further bookings expected from September onwards. Although they tailor make each product to suit your needs, it takes a great deal of time and planning to ensure it achieves maximum results in the rooms you need it the most.

Therefore, the idea is that if you plan now, when it comes around to winter you will be in an ideal situation to relax in the coldest months knowing your heating is sorted. There will be no need to turn off the heating when it is freezing outside, and Fischer promises a 100% heat guarantee that your rooms will always be warm at an optimum 21°C all of the time. Just to give you that peace of mind as well, when you invest in Fischer heaters, there’s a ten-year manufacturer guarantee, so in an unlikely circumstance that a problem occurs, they are so confident in their product that they will not repair it but you give you a brand new one.

Don’t forget to tune in on Thursday 12th July for Fischer Future Heat at 6pm!

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