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Winter Workout

Don’t let the chilly weather put your workout on ice. As we head into the winter months the motivation to work-out dwindles, as evenings pounding the pavement turn into cosy nights-in, it’s easy to put off that work out indefinitely. Maintaining an exercise routine is as important as ever, so muster all your inner strength as we show you how to keep motivated when the nights get nippy!

Find a Fitness Buddy

Pair up and find yourself a fitness friend, it’s much easier to stay motivated when you’ve got someone relying on you to get out and exercise. Having a pal to attend those daunting fitness sessions with takes the stress out of turning up to a new exercise class solo.

Treat Yourself

Dressing the part goes a long way when needing a little motivation to get active. If you’re running outdoors in the winter treat yourself to some Slim Range Full Length leggings and Slim Range ¾ Sleeve Top for a stylish addition to your gym wardrobe. Our Proskins Slim Range helps you get the most from your workout, designed to use optimum levels of graduated compression to help fight the appearance of cellulite, so not only are you burning the fat but also that pesky cellulite- it’s Win Win!

Change the way you Exercise

If you perform better without the pressure of a gym environment, the winter gives you even more of an excuse to own your fitness regime. Invest in some fun workout gear, the Leg Master Elite is the perfect example of an all-in-one piece of kit. Designed to work the inner thigh, outer thigh and buttocks, all you have to do is glide and you should feel it begin to work in seconds!

Create a Reward System

If the satisfying buzz of endorphins at the end of a work out just isn’t enough of a reward think about what else would motivate you to get moving. Now DO NOT raid that fridge, instead why not tell yourself that if you complete your workout plan you’ll treat yourself to that coat you’ve been eyeing up?

Stay motivated fitness fans! Have you got a tip to get moving  on those cold, dark nights? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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