Win Christmas: Linda’s Story


Win Christmas: Linda's Story

As most of us wait for the celebrations to start on Sunday, for one lucky viewer Santa came a little earlier this year. Here at Ideal, we understand that Christmas can be a stressful time, from under cooking the turkey to getting the perfect gift for that someone special. So we decided at Ideal Towers that we wanted to help out. Avid viewers may remember back in October that we gave one customer the chance to win a huge Christmas bundle filled with everything anyone could need for a fabulous, fun-filled Christmas!

Being the helpful little elves that we are, we went to surprise this year’s unsuspecting winner, Linda. Take a look at how that went here…

We caught up with Linda over a cup of tea after the celebrations…

What was your initial reaction after your found out you had won?

Linda: It was a massive shock! I didn’t even realised I had entered so when I was told that I had won all these prizes, it was overwhelming!

What’s your favourite gift from the bundle?

Linda: My personal favourite is the Moira C gift set, I’ve always wanted to try them and I’ve watched several shows but never ordered. My husband, Ken, loves the Tablet!

What will you do with all the gifts?

Linda: I’m planning on giving the majority away as gifts to family, the range of toys are going straight to my grandson, so I expect he’ll be overjoyed on Christmas day! I’ve give the stockpot to the kind lady who looks after our home when we go away as a small Christmas thank you.

From everyone here at Ideal World, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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