Watches for Men: The Perfect Gift

Lisa Burton

Today the wrist watch has become more popular than ever, with many men of all ages not only wearing watches, but actually building a collection to suit different roles or occasions.

Why, you may well ask? Well it’s simple, men don’t tend to have a large collection of jewellery or indeed handbags. A watch is the one accessory for a man that is both stylish and useful. Very little says more about a man than the watch he wears. It’s a gift that is not just stylish, it’s practical too.

The watch world is full of history, design and, indeed, mechanical ingenuity. There are so many different varieties of watch to choose from, it can be confusing.

We, at Ideal World, are one of the UK’s leading watch retailers, devoting hours of TV time with our experts to find the right watch for you or indeed an important man in your life.

To compliment our great selection, we have asked one of our resident watch experts to create this guide for you, to make choosing that special watch easy.

So how do you choose the perfect watch? Well let’s ask some simple questions…

Collection of watches for men

What type of watch do you think will suit him?

To help you, we can split watch styles into 4 categories, and have chosen some of our favourites to guide you.

  • Aviation Watches: Perfect for that vintage style with excellent legibility.
  • Dive Watches: Great for legibility with excellent water resistance and outdoor performance.
  • Dress Watches: Slightly smaller and simpler, with style and classic looks.
  • Sports Watches: More modern, more contemporary and functional designs.

You may want to think of this as a style choice, but it can be a practical consideration, depending on where and how the watch will be worn.

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How is your watch powered?

Wristwatches need no extra power sources, there are two basic types of power:

Mechanical (automatic or hand wound) or quartz (battery or solar).

Now don’t be scared, this is quite simple, a mechanical watch is just that. It is a tiny machine powered by a spring. This is traditional watchmaking perfected over hundreds of years. These mechanical marvels need to be wound, either by hand in the case of a hand wound watch or, in an automatic, wound by the simple movement of your wrist. In either case, the mechanical watch is a tiny engineering marvel and is beloved by watch enthusiasts around the world.

A quartz watch is a new development that began in the 1960’s. An electronic circuit is used to control the time, the watch is powered by a battery, so no need to wind at all. Most quartz watches have batteries that last for years. So in either case, you don’t need any external charger or power supply, they are autonomous.

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You may see the word complications applied to wristwatches, don’t be scared. This is actually not complicated at all, we can use it to explain different features on a watch.

A watch is designed to tell the time. In its simplest form, it should have an hour and minute hand. Anything else on the watch is called a ‘complication’ so if your watch has a second hand, that’s a complication, a date, there is another, so in reality, a complication is nothing of the sort.

Here are some of the most well known and useful complications:

  • Time only
  • Time day and date
  • A GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) A watch that tells not only your home time but a second time zone, great if you have family in other parts of the world or if you travel.
  • A Chronograph, is a watch which has a built in stopwatch, originally developed for pilots and racing drivers. Not only will it tell the time, it can be used to time anything you like, like exercise, travel, cooking or even walking the dog.

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What’s His Style?

Men's watch for casual wear

Watches are a classic men’s accessory and can be worn in so many ways today. Look at any movie star from any period of time and they will invariably be wearing a watch. Whether it’s with a suit, or jeans and a shirt, the watch is a fantastic statement piece.

It’s better to ask, when will he wear this watch?

Office based; then maybe you would choose a more classic aviation or dress watch, perfect with a suit or a crisp white shirt and jeans.

Outdoors; then maybe a dive watch or sports watch would be better. Or if you work in an environment where a watch needs to be tough and of course waterproof, a great choice for a holiday where you can keep your watch on in and out of the pool. Dive watches have become a cult favorite with a touch of vintage glamour so these watches, once the reserve of the Professional Diver are a firm favourite for many.

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A watch can be an ideal gift. It’s a timeless gift that can be enjoyed, every hour and minute of every day and a constant reminder of that special someone or moment.

A birthday, wedding, an anniversary, a graduation gift, retirement or even a watch for that special party or indeed a holiday, a watch is a gift for him that can be enjoyed for years.

Formal workwear watch

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We hope you enjoy this simple guide to shopping watches for men, as a reference to help you choose that perfect watch for an important man in your life.

As one of the UK’s leading watch retailers our expert team, at Ideal World, scour the world to bring you a fine selection of watches, many exclusive to us and all at incredible prices.

You can tune in and watch our regular watch shows where you can see our fine watches in HD and be guided by a World Class expert to help you make the best choice.

Of course all our watches are available with easy payment terms and our trusted 14 day money back guarantee so with Ideal World shopping is easy.

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