Watch Week is here!


A WHOLE week dedicated to gorgeous timepieces?! You heard it here first folks!

From Sunday 9pm (12th November) we’ll be sharing some of our most popular watches at fantastic prices, from old favourites like Roamer of Switzerland to new brands like Karen Millen, there’s plenty to choose from!  

We’ll take a sneak peek at a few brands that will be gracing your screens next week…


Not only is this range considered one of our luxury collections, but the Mathey- Tissot is also rich in history. Launched in 1886 in one of Switzerland’s most beautiful valleys, Les Points De Martel, the brand’s early work focused on a timepiece called the ‘repeater watch’ which chimed on the hour and half-hour. Soon after the ‘repeater watch’ the brand moved on to Chronographs (stopwatches) which led to a spike in sales and the brand becoming widely recognised.

Scuderia Ferrari

Renowned for Scuderia Ferrari’s proud racing heritage and Italian pedigree, their Orologi collection, for both men and women, brings a combination of distinctive style and function. Incorporating quality materials including scratch-resistant mineral crystals, supple silicone straps and high-tech composite. The collection includes the Scuderia Ferrari Gents Gran Premio Chronograph Watch which is designed using a traditional-looking stainless steel and is a firm favourite amongst our customers.

Vostok Europe

A leader in producing high-quality, affordable timepieces, Vostok Europe prove their worth in the incredible craftsmanship of each watch. Every Vostok Europe watch is a numbered limited edition, made with movements of the highest quality. Similar to other popular timepieces, there is a rich and distinctive history behind each model, all of which honour a Russian Technological Architectural or Cultural achievement.

There will be even more fantastic brands to choose from next week – so make sure you join us on Sunday at 9pm. Facebook fans, keep your eyes peeled on our page as there will be a HUGE prize that one lucky Facebook fan will win! Don’t miss out!

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