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We have an incredible amount of deals for our Birthday event with the perfect products to revamp your home this spring! Now you can redecorate with ease and speed with the amazing Wagner WallPerfect W665 I-SPRAY with 2 Attachments, Handle Extension and Masking Kit, which also comes with a 1 year warranty. Read our top tips and watch them in action as we show you how to do it!

Top tips:

  • Wear protective clothing such as a face mask or goggles
  • Always spray at an even distance and at right angles to the object
  • Simple masking: Hold piece of cardboard parallel to your work to protect it from the spray
  • Get an even coverage of paint by using the cross-coat technique
  • If your work is interrupted for a long period, vent the container and clean the nozzle
  • For clean edges spray the edge with the basic paint first then seal it
  • Free nozzles from blockages with the help of the mixer
  • To care for your product lubricate single parts

Watch our top tips in action here:

With the innovative W665 I-SPRAY Wall Perfect Spray Paint System, Wagner is providing a technology which makes it possible for even unpractised home handymen to work professionally on walls and ceilings, without having to worry about the inconvenient use of paintbrushes and rollers. You will achieve excellent results and thanks to the high covering power, you’ll be finished after a single pass! This product is simply amazing and is easy to use, easy to clean and fast working. All types of paints can now be sprayed with minimal efforts required and hardly any dilution needed. Most of the paints can now be sprayed straight out of the paint can.


Wagner W665 I-SPRAY Wall Perfect Spray Paint System features:

  • Innovative Wagner WallPerfect W665 I-SPRAY allows for easy, convenient, yet accurate painting of walls and ceilings.
  • The WallPerfect W665 I-SPRAY system comes with 1800ml WallPerfect attachment which is well suited for use with emulsion paints, latex and smooth masonry.
  • I-SPRAY nozzle- guarantees extremely fine atomisation which results in perfect surfaces inside or outside your house.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Power 370 W
  • Atomization power 120 W
  • Paint flow smoothly regulated from
    max. 0-375 ml / min
  • Reservoir capacity 1800 ml for emulsion paints, 800ml for varnishes, lacquers, wood preservatives etc.
  • Air hose length 3.5 m
  • Wagner 800ml Perfect Spray Attachment
  • Included 800ml Perfect Spray Attachment allows for use with varnishes, lacquers, stains, wood preserves, wood stains and numerous other materials both water and solvent based, making this paint spraying system versatile for all painting needs.
  • Fits Wagner W550/W660/W860/W665
  • Click and Paint Technology


Wagner Premium Spray Masking Kit features:

  • Universal extensive spray masking kit for various painting and decorating applications allowing spray protection for desired surfaces, corners and edges, giving you peace of mind whilst decorating
  • 1 x Dust Sheet, 4 x 6m – Extra strong for floors and furniture
  • 1 x Premium Dust Sheet with Adhesive Tape, 20m x 2.7m, to cover complete walls
  • Premium Dust Sheet, static, moulds perfectly to the surface to be covered
  • 1 x Premium Dust Sheet with Adhesive Tape, 20m x 0.55m, to cover doors, windows and tiles
  • 1 x Premium Decorator Adhesive Tape, 20m x 36mm
  • The Decorator adhesive tape is perfect for affixing or for securing dust sheets in place and holds for up to 21 days
  • 1 x Stable Spray Protection, approx 28cm for corners and edges
  • 1 x Cutter with 12mm Steel Blade


Wagner Handle Extension features:

  • 2 Year Warranty – Information included in box
  • Suitable for all Wagner fine spraying systems and spraying attachments with Click and Paint technology
  • Click and Paint System
  • Thanks to the Click and Paint technology the handle extension is simply fixed between the gun holder and the particular spraying attachment
  • Wagner Handle extension – For all fine spray systems with Click and Paint technology
  • With the ergonomic handle extension paint can be sprayed particularly conveniently onto walls and ceilings
  • By using the handle extension lacquers and varnishes can also be applied to floors or wooden terraces without the strain of bending


How to Use a Sprayer:

The Wagner sprayer is the fastest way to get through your DIY projects and will save you hours of work. It leaves a smooth surface without roller marks and brush strokes. Avoid wasting time washing brushes when redecorating. You can use a variety of settings and change your technique to get the results you want!

Before You Start:

Before you begin it is important that you prepare your surfaces. You will also need to mask off the windows, doors, floors and skirting boards. Make sure your face mask is firmly on before spraying. Do a test spray on a surface before starting. This will allow you to get your technique right and give you a chance to play with various settings. Have a light and a brush handy just in case. Adjust the settings to suit your test spray. Turn the tip to select a horizontal or vertical spray pattern and set the pattern width by adjusting the red lever on the tip. Keep the tip a uniform 6 to 12 inches from the surface while you spray, and avoid arcing at the ends of your stroke. Adjust the distance and speed of movement to get full, even coverage.

Spraying Walls:

Prevent steaks and drips when spraying your walls by working systematically. Keep your gun moving at all times when spraying in a consistent speed to keep paint thickness equal. Use a work light to inspect which parts of the wall may need another spray. Start in a corner and spray in a repetitive back-and-forth motion, overlapping each stroke by about half the spray pattern on the next stroke. If you do get any drips, brush them in order to blend them back into the wall, then spray them lightly to hide them.


So there you have it, our top tips and a how to guide of the amazing Birthday package which includes Wagner WallPerfect W665 I-SPRAY with 2 Attachments, Handle Extension, Masking Kit and Additional 1 Year Warranty and use the Birthday hashtag #JoinTheIdealParty

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You can catch the Wagner WallPerfect W665 I-SPRAY in action at 11am on Saturday 16th April! See you there, overalls and all!



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  1. Avatarchris lloyd

    i used it to paint a wall but i could not get a smooth surface it was like prickly surface it felt rough when you wiped your hands over the wall so i had to give the wall a light sand to get it smooth finish what am i doing wrong? can you email me back a.s.a.p thanks chris.

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