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Our dear Queen is turning 90! As part of our Right Royal Celebration (which includes 90p P&P on everything in case you hadn’t heard) we are launching some fantastic products. Royal celebrations like this are a great time for the country to reflect, therefore we are taking a fond look back at our extra special brand Vax, our beloved British floor care brand which we have supplied over the years. As part of the celebrations, we invite you to reflect with us by looking through this fabulously old fashioned Vax brochure dipped in nostalgia. Don’t you just love the retro hair? We so enjoy seeing how the Vax brand has grown and are therefore paying homage to the very first Vax model by launching a modern day version of the retro beauty! You can see it in action at 9pm on Sunday 12th June. To add to the excitement, our promo vacuum line is the VAX Air reach with bonus tools at just £90.

vax borcher 1

Trusted, traditional and typically British floor care brand Vax has been there for you (and your floors) since 1977. What’s more, Vax launched at the same time the Queen was celebrating her Silver Jubilee. It seems Vax just can’t get enough of the royals! To celebrate the success of the British brand and of course our Queenie’s 90th, we are launching the very vintage looking Vax 6131T 3-in-1 Multivax Dry Vacuum! On top of this, the retro styled item has just 90p P&P. What’s more, we are selling the vintage looking Vax vacuum at the special price of just £99.90. It really is a Right Royal Celebration!

vax 2

We also wanted to share with you some history behind the iconic multi-vac orange tub, which was first developed in the late 1970s by Vax’s founder Alan Brazier. He had a vision to develop a safe domestic cleaning system for people to wash carpets without the risk of shrinkage or over wetting. The result was the iconic Vax multifunction vacuum – a revolutionary, 3-in-1 machine that could be used as a powerful everyday vacuum cleaner, but with the ability to wash carpets and suck up accidental spills too. It became Britain’s best-selling vacuum cleaner in less than eight years and remained the only 3-in-1 machine in the market for almost a decade.

vax 3

However, it’s not all just about looking back; we are also looking forward with the fabulous new Vax Air Reach Vacuum plus Up Top and Mattress Tools. Ideal World and Vax have joined forces once again to toast the Queen’s 90th birthday, so if retro isn’t your style then you’ll love this ultra sleek vacuum. It features the fantastic Up Top Tool which does all the hard to place areas for you. Efficient in operation, effortless to use and elegantly good looking, Vax exudes British design at its world-beating best. With just 90p P&P on everything, you can’t help but get into the party mood!

vax 4

Which Vax model do you prefer, old or new? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtag #RightRoyalCelebration.

Get the perfect mix of old and new and catch these pieces in action at 9pm on Sunday 12th June.

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  1. Avatarcherry penny

    hi will you please do a proper demonstration can you get your presenters to tread biscuits,cereal,crisps eg monster munch in to the carpet as anyone can sprinkle a few bit on the carpet but realistically kids tread in in or things get danced on with heels due to party i dont trust the people selling the vacuum as its in there interests to sell it so will not tread it in properly


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