Top Tips for a Summer Slumber

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Believe it or not Britain is heading for a heat wave. For most of us that means whacking on the sun cream and heading into the garden to catch a few rays. Perfect, right? But what most of us fail to remember is that for each gorgeous sun-drenched day comes a sweltering sweaty night. When intense heat and humidity make it impossible to sit comfortably, let alone sleep through the night, it’s time to take action! We’ve put together our top tips for a decent night sleep when the heatwave hits!

  1. Choose cotton

Save those silky satin sheets for cooler nights; when the heat wave hits it’s best to stick to lightweight fabrics like bamboo and cotton. Our Botanics Pocket Pillowcase contain bamboo fabric and fibre to offer a unique, luxurious and -most importantly- cool, sleeping experience!

Warm nights often make for sweaty, uncomfortable sleep. The beauty of Botanics bamboo fabrics, has to be its ability to have a natural ‘thermo-control’ effect by wicking away moisture, helping you keep drier in hot weather!shutterstock_183543932

  1. Choose the right mattress!

Ease discomfort on warm nights with the Dormeo Duo Feel Double Mattress, with a comfort channel system that actively encourages air flow, this mattress will help you keep cool throughout the night.

If the hot weather has you sweating through your sheets, the Dormeo mattress has an removable stitched cover which can added to you weekly wash, keeping your sleeping area clean and bacteria free!

  1. Feel the Freeze

More than just a place to store frozen peas and out of date lasagna, pop your sheets into a plastic bag and place in the freezer just before bed. It won’t keep you cool all night but will offer a brief relief from the heat (just make sure you don’t forget it’s in there!).

  1. Buy a fan

This may seem like a fairly obvious one but bear with us! For a nifty fan hack, place a pan full of ice cubes in front of your fan for an icy chill breeze. Don’t believe us, try it for yourself!

  1. Have a chilled pamper session

Any excuse to have a pamper session and we’re game! If we can keep cool whilst relax at the same time, its win win! No pamper session would be complete without a bath, hop into tepid waters to keep body temperatures down. Now is the time to truly unwind, pop some music on, light candles- whatever helps you to de-stress!giphy (6)

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