Top Tips for a Spring Clean


Believe it or not, the frosty mornings will soon be replaced with fresh Spring sunshine, which means a Spring clean will soon be in order! 

Remember, Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be hard! We’re giving you our top tips for a gleaming home…

For the house….

  • Don’t you hate it when dirt gathers in all of the most awkward places? With the GTech Air Ram’s sleek design you’ll be able to move under furniture and glide effortlessly into those hard-to-reach places. The Air Ram even features a LED light at the front of the device which allows you to see into smaller, dark places you would have missed! Nifty, eh?
  • Sick of stubborn stains on white sinks? Mix vinegar, water and baking soda together and place in a bottle. Shake well, spray and leave for a few minutes for a whiter sink!
  • Did you know? You can disinfect sponges by putting them in the dishwasher!
  • Get that cutlery gleaming ready for all of those Spring soirees with Shadazzle! With no harsh chemicals, this wonder product will have those knives and forks gleaming in no time.

For the car…

  • Treat your car to a high performance Williams Waterless Wash and Wax! This innovative formula not only cuts through the grime, but will actively help to protect your car against the dirt!
  • Once you’ve tackled the outside of the car, it’s time to clean up the day-to-day grime we find inside the car!  Get your hands on the Gtech Multi MK 2, with a powerful motor and several attachments, this cordless vacuum will have those interiors spick and span!

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