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Have you found yourself feeling tired recently? Whether you’ve been burning the candle at both ends or just struggling to stay awake by mid-afternoon, Ideal World are here to help with our top 10 tips to help you sleep better…

1.) Take a book to bed instead of your phone

Reading a book to help you sleep better

It’s no secret that taking tech to bed with us, whether it be our phones, tablets or laptops, is not recommended. The blue light that they emit is known to reduce the production of melatonin, the hormone that is in control of your sleep cycle. Having less melatonin can make it more difficult to fall – and stay – asleep.

It’s recommended you leave electronic devices in another room when it’s time for bed, and you should avoid looking at screens from about 2 or 3 hours before you go to bed. So instead of browsing your phone before going to sleep, why not take a good old-fashioned book to bed with you?

2.) Get into a good bedtime Routine

Just like when we are children, it’s important to have a good bedtime routine in order to encourage good sleep habits. Whilst it’s tempting to stay up late and have a lie-in at the weekends, this can actually be detrimental to your weekday sleep. It is therefore best to try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

Before bed, set yourself a bedtime ritual of at least 30 minutes which you try and stick to… Perhaps a warm bath, followed by a good book then lights out. By repeating this same routine every night, your body is more likely to relax and give in to sleep when you want it to.

Adding exercise into your daily routine has also been proven to help encourage sleep. Try to exercise at least 5 hours before bed and aim for at least 30 minutes of movement.

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3.) Get comfy

It is surprising how long one ends up ‘putting up’ with an uncomfortable mattress or old, lumpy bedding, simply because they have gotten used to it. The sleep council recommend that you replace your mattress every 8 years, but many people end up keeping theirs much longer than this, and suffering the consequences. No matter how often you wash your sheets, an old mattress often harbours dead skin cells, germs, dust mites and even bedbugs.

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There are so many different mattress options; from memory foam to a spring and memory foam combination. Or, for those on a smaller budget, there is also the option to go for a comforting mattress topper. Don’t forget – its not just about what you are sleeping on either… a pillow and duvet upgrade will also help to make your bed feel that little bit more luxurious. For even more comfort to help you sleep soundly, why not consider a weighted blanket too?

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4.) Noise reduction

Struggling to sleep due to snoring

Something that’s guaranteed to lead to a disturbed nights sleep is intermittent noises which rouse you in the night. These might be from a noisy sleeping partner or nocturnal neighbours; but either way, finding a way of blocking out that noise will do wonders for the quality of your sleep.

For snoring partners, you can go down the traditional route of plugging your own ears (although not everyone finds this comfortable), or alternatively you could try an anti-snoring aid such as Snore Wizard. This is a gum-shield style device which the snorer wears to help prevent this annoying habit.

Additionally, background ‘white noise’ is a great way to block out sporadic noises, like traffic, or early risers in your household. Either a fan, or a dedicated white noise machine, will help you reduce disturbances when you are in the lighter portion of your sleep cycle.

5.) Positive thinking

Motivational sign

Often, a big reason that people struggle to fall asleep or wake up in the night is because of worry or stress. When you’re having one of those nights where the same troubles keep going round and round in your head, a great way to combat this is through some positive affirmations to try and calm yourself and ease those worries.

There are loads of great resources online to help you find positive quotes which resonate with you. Try to find 5-10 you really relate to, print them out and pop them on your bedside table. Whenever negative thoughts start to pop into your head as you’re falling asleep, these affirmations will be there to help level you out.

6.) DON’T let there be light!

Cutting out light to help you sleep better

Another sleep problem people often face is having their sleep disrupted by unwanted light sources. If you are often awoken by light exposure, you may want to think about ways in which to combat light entering your bedroom when the sun rises, waking you up too early.

Blackout curtains are the best way to reduce light from windows; for particularly bright rooms, consider doubling up with blackout blinds or stick-on blackouts too, for optimum darkness.

7.) Natural Frequency Technology®

Looking for the key to better sleep? You’ll find it in our Philip Stein Sleep Bracelets®. Available in several different styles, their bracelets feature a comfortable, ultra-soft strap made of microfibre and a case fitted with one of their proprietary Natural Frequency Technology® discs.

The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet® is designed to improve your sleep rhythm, sleep frequency, and overall wellness so you enjoy a more refreshed awakening.

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8.) Calming scents

It is surprising how much certain scents, such as lavender and chamomile, have been found to promote sleep and wellbeing.

For a quick fix to your sleeping woes, a pillow spray is a fantastic way to bring the aromas of slumber to you bedroom.

9.) Get to your optimum sleeping body temperature

Optimum temperature to help you sleep better

Is there anything more frustrating than tossing and turning in bed because you are either too hot or too cold? It is recognised by sleep experts that the optimum room temperature for sleeping in is 18-19 degrees Celsius, but sometimes it is tricky to get the temperature just right.

For hotter nights, why not consider investing in some cooling bedding options. Cooling gel pillows are a great way to ‘chill out’ without breaking the bank.

For a bigger outlay, but an amazing return, there is also the option of a high quality fan such as the Air Shower Fan.

10.) Have a relaxing, warm bath

There’s arguably nothing more relaxing than a lovely warm bath (preferably with a nice glass of your favourite tipple and a good book) to wind-down after a long day.

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