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This brand new Telescopic Ladder from Spear and Jackson is the perfect solution to limited storage space around the home and is one of only a few telescopic ladders that meets the new safety requirements. Made from high quality telescopic aluminium, this space saving piece of kit can be placed out of sight when not in use. Catch this handy must-have piece of kit in action on Ideal World TV at 9am on Saturday 14th May. Exclusive to Ideal World, the Spear and Jackson Telescopic ladder makes life simple. With a generous extended reach of 3.8m, all of your projects are easily within reach!


This retractable ladder is not only easy to use but easy to store. It compacts down to fit in your shed, car boot or under your bed. Now there’s no need for a van or a roof rack to move your ladder between locations. This fantastic feature also ensures that you’re able to adjust the ladder to whichever height you need for the task at hand. This high-quality telescopic aluminium ladder is lightweight yet robust, ideal for in and around the home. Being so lightweight and portable makes it ideal for all the jobs around your home and garden, from cleaning your conservatory to DIY tasks.

The brand new Spear and Jackson 3.8m Telescopic Ladder is one of only a few ladders with the new safety requirements. Slow-retractable supports between the rungs allow for additional safety meaning extra peace of mind. This ladder has been tested to a high specification that may deem it suitable for use by tradesmen, subject to any Health and Safety at Work Regulations. It features hard-wearing rubber feet which provide excellent grip, and its robust aluminium frame can withstand weights of up to 150kg (23.621stone).

The Spear and Jackson Ladder sits at 0.87m tall when fully retracted and has a height of 3.8m when fully extended. It’s amazing the incredible versatility and numerous benefits this amazing product has! It’s simple to use, compact to store and easy to carry.


There’s been a long awaited return of the telescopic ladder to the Ideal World channel, so seize the opportunity and get your ladder now and be fully prepared to tackle all of these DIY and household tasks! Catch it in action on Ideal World TV at 9am on Saturday 14th May.

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