Let’s do Brunch



Like fashion, culinary trends come and go. One that has stood the test of time has got to be the classic Sunday Brunch. Sure, heading out for that 11am special is always a treat. But throwing a brunch at home can be just as special. We’ve got the know-how, all you need is a decent cup of Joe, pretty cutlery and we’re good to go!

Go with a classicpancakes2

Pancakes are a delicious brunch classic, but also incredibly easy to make. Simply sift flour, baking
powder, salt and caster sugar into a large bowl. Pour milk and add an egg, then whisk until you have a smooth batter. If you’re short on time, simply pop the mixture into a blender, the Tower Ultra Xtreme Pro will have those lumps smoothed out in no time!

pansetHeat a non-stick frying pan- we recommend the amazing Tower 7 piece Infinistone Pan Set. with a revolutionary non-stick coating- you’ll be able to flip those pancakes to your heart’s content. Remember- only add a ladle of batter to the pan, wait until the top of the pancake begins to
bubble and then flip!

Mix it up by adding savoury treats likebacon to get that sweet and savoury contrast. Or alternatively chop up some fresh fruit and add crème fraiche for a healthy alternative!

Don’t go overboard!

Please remember that you’re not Martha Stewart, don’t try and do everything. You’ve already pushed a vacuum around, set the table and bought the ingredients. It’s time to let your guests offer a helping hand! Whether it’s opting to bring the croissants or simply make a pot of coffee- the aim is to be a fabulous stress-free hostess!

Get creativedaisy

Create small flower arrangements to add a pop of colour to your table, if you’re an avid gardener, these Felicia Variegated Blue Daisies are both easy to grow and a pretty addition to any table. Pick a few and arrange in a small vase or jam jar for a pretty, inexpensive decoration.

Fresh OJ bar, anyone?

Again, if you’ve grown your own, that’s great! We’ve got the perfect Citrus Trees that produce a delicious arrange of juicy lemons and oranges. Pour the juice into pretty pitchers- if you’re celebrating why not add champagne for the perfect Mimosa?

Most importantly, have fun!

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