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Spring has definitely sprung in my garden!

One thing I love about spring is being able to get in the garden and spruce it up.
Last week I finally got to planting February’s flower of the month, 100 heat treated freesia bulbs and 6 assorted rose plants! I was on Live on air with our resident gardening guest Angela  and I was thinking to myself, I really want these flowers for my garden too.

I learnt that if I plant the freesia’s now, they’ll bloom in time for my birthday in July, how lovely. Also I decided to buy the beautiful rose plants. Depending how much they grow by September I thought they could be involved in welcoming our guests at our wedding. Even if they are not ready by then, I’ll have years of nurturing them.

So, I went into my garden and used the compost I also bought from Ideal World, I found planters and pots which haven’t been used for ages and got planting! It was so relaxing and quiet, I’m really looking forward to spending more time sprucing up my garden.

I’ll keep you posted on their progress, I’ve always wanted to grow my own roses, so watch this space 😉

Check out Fayon’s video of her planting her lovely new Roses and Freesia over on her Ideal World facebook account at https://www.facebook.com/FayonIdealWorld

1 thought on “Spruce up your garden with Fayon

  1. Avatarann NELSON

    Hi Shaun, I have ordered plants off ideal world for the very first time, I have ordered the miniature patios roses, the 3 fruits trees and the 3 blue berry’s. Went a little bit mad must of been all the chocolate,,,!!!!!

    I was wondering what compost I need to use as I don’t think they come with any and it wasn’t talked about on the show.

    Please let me know so I can get the best out of all my plants.
    Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again on the show



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