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Five Spring Gardening Tips To Help You Revive Your Outdoor Space

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We’ve been lucky enough to avoid the April showers so far, so whilst the sun is shining outside, it’s a good time to reach for your gardening tools and get cracking on your spring garden. Here are our top five gardening tips to get you started this spring…

1.Line up the Lawn

Spring gardening tip 1

Your garden space will look much clearer and neater once you have cut the lawns back. And the lovely smell of cut grass is bound to inspire you to do more. Make sure you have a good mower which is suitable for the size of the lawn that you have. If you want to impress the neighbours with your perfect garden design, then try mowing the lawn with stripes.

To achieve this look you’ll need rotary mower with rear roller. Start by mowing the edge of the lawn. Go as close as you can to the edge and use a strimmer if you need to. From the left side first, work your way up and down the garden and with each turn, line the mower up with the previous stripe. You should try to overlap slightly to avoid any gaps.

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2.Say Goodbye to Weeds

Spring gardening tip 2

Not everyone’s favourite job, but an essential one nonetheless – pulling up weeds. Depending on the type of weed, will depend on how you need to remove them. Annual weeds should be easy to remove with your hand of using a hoe. However perennial weeds can be a bit more stubborn. Try using a fork to remove them from the ground and dig up the root. If it’s a particularly stubborn weed, you may need to use a weed killer to help you.

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Weeding can be a bit of a time consuming job if you’ve let it slip, so it’s a good idea to have a kneeling pad or cushion to lean on so it’s more comfortable. It’s amazing what a difference it makes once it’s out of the way, so persevere through or maybe break up the areas that you’re working on so that you’re not always in the same position.

3.Create colourful flower beds

Spring gardening tip 3

Start planning the layout of your early spring bedding plants. The plants you choose are completely down to your own taste, but there are firm favourites like daffodils, iris, muscari and tulips that add absolutely stunning colours into your spring garden. Make sure you space out your spring bulbs and use the correct potting soil according to the instructions that come with the plant of your choice. Once you’ve planned this out, you are then ready to plant these up.

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4.Stunning Hanging baskets

Hanging basket advice

To brighten up any garden or to add a colour pop to your house, a hanging basket is as absolute must. And a great plant for a hanging basket in spring is the classic pansy. These are a great early spring bedding plant and provide an abundance of colour in your garden.
When planting hanging basket there are several things to consider: make sure that you have a basket that is lined. You can buy ready made liners for this purpose. Position in a place where you will be able to water the basket – it may look beautiful to put the basket up high, but can you reach it to water it? Use a good quality compost and make sure that you position your plants with enough space between them.

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5.Blitz your patio

Patio cleaning advice

If your patio has seen better days then now is also a good time to use the pressure washer to give it a good old clean – it can be a very satisfying and therapeutic job and the end results are often incredible. Before you start, make sure the area your are cleaning is completely clear so that it doesn’t get marked or damaged by any flying debris. It’s a good idea to sweep the area beforehand to get rid of any large objects before you start to use the pressure washer. When using the pressure washer, work in sweeping motions for the best finish.

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Once you have worked your way through our top tips and finished all of your spring gardening jobs, you’ll definitely be wanting to spend more time enjoying this outdoor space. Make sure you have some comfy garden furniture so that you can sit back, relax and admire your handy work…..

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Shop Ideal World’s fantastic range of gardening products here, and put our spring gardening tips to good use to transform your outside space ready for a summer of fun! Want more inspiration on transforming your home and garden? Discover more articles, ideas, and inspiration right here!

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