Something big is coming…

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Something big is coming...

Something big is coming……
jr5This is always an extremely busy time of the year in the office here at Ideal Towers, as final plans are getting confirmed for the Christmas schedules. The kitchen team and I have been working really hard to bring you lots of special deals and brands that we know you’re going to love. It’s on that note that I can exclusively reveal that one of the biggest brands I have ever worked with is set to be returning to your screens at Ideal World- just in time to turn you into a culinary pro before Christmas! KENWOOOOOOOOOOD! That’s right, the iconic British brand Kenwood are back at Ideal World and will be launching at 9pm on December 2nd . If you’re half as excited as I am about this, I know you’ll be joining me for some fun hours dedicated to Christmas cooking with this fantastic machine.


Heading to the home of the Pommes Frites…

Recently I also had the absolute pleasure of a short holiday and chose to head to Amsterdam….the home of Van Gough, tulips and many other things so I’m told. I however was mostly there for two things…Bitterballen (a delicious meat sauce covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried) and Pommes Frites with lashings of mayonnaise. Chips were the main motivation for the trip as the Dutch are considered to make some of the best chips in the world. There is one place in particular that is a bit of a legendary hole in the wall, Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx (nope, I can’t pronounce it either). This place has been frying up the best chips in the Dam since 1957 and I can see why it’s still going strong after all these years. I opted for a small cone with mayo, whilst my friend John grabbed us a local beer from the pub opposite. So came the chips, oh my word, each one was a little mouthful of heaven, incredibly crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside with the perfect amount of salt. I don’t know how these guys churn these Pommes out 10 hours a day……they must be wizards.


We spent a lot of our weekend drinking incredible craft beer in quaint pubs, all of which seemed to have a snack menu; a vast array of deep fried treats, small plates of cheese and ham. Every mouthful washed down with a new, interesting beer. My favourite beer (well packaging at least) of the weekend was probably one we found called Kaiserin Snorella, this local craft beer was named after the “lady” who was often found drinking in that very bar most weekends.

To finish up this blog, I need to talk about something else I discovered whilst in Amsterdam. FEBO a dutch chain of 60 stores established back in the 1941 is most noted for its automatic approach to fast food. The place is crazy, a giant wall of vending machines stocked mostly with Krokets, Frikandellen, burgers and Kassouffle. Whilst it has always been my favourite machine at the gym, the vending machine is now also one of my favourite fast food dining options. It’s safe to say we returned home to our little houseboat each evening with extremely satisfied tummies!


Catch me back here soon!

Chef Joe x

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  1. Sue Hanmore

    Loved Rosemary Conely FOOD Satchels which sadly are no longer available the Jerky baroque sauce was excellent over any kind of meat cooked in the slow cooker with rice and veg
    So Joe how about doing your own sauces we could buy as love your cooking demos


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