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Genevieve shares her thoughts on Dimitri James and Skinn, keep reading below to find out more.

Since launching Skinn with Dimitri on Ideal World we have had fantastic feedback from our customers about the collection. Dimitri is an incredible innovator and his story is just as amazing as his range.

Dimitri has worked with the biggest cosmetic giants and found that he wanted to bring a different ethos to skincare, wanting to bring us a higher concentration of natural ingredients with a particular delivery system giving us the very best in skincare. His determination and belief (he started making the formulations from his home) paid off and now he is globally recognised in his field.

As a beauty and fashion journalist in the past, I have come across many fantastic skincare ranges, however, SKINN is one of my absolute favourites.

What I love about Dimitri’s range is that he mixes science and technology with classic traditions. His products do not have unnecessary water, they don’t have unnecessary fillers and therefore give us the quality that we should expect from great skincare.

My particular favourite is the Collagenesis range. Starting with the Stem Rejen facial serum, this has got amazing ingredients including Glacial water with its purity and hydration benefits and Snow algae with its anti-ageing benefits, helping to give you a smoother and more radiant appearance.

Then, of course, the 24-hour youth preservation cream (one of Dimitri’s all-time favourites) this is essential for anyone who needs that extra hydration, it also helps to visibly refine and smooth the skin with ingredients to assist with the natural top layer cell turnover.

Also in this range, we have the lip Stem Rejen and the Eye Stem Rejen. These contain active ingredients such as Glacial water, snow Algae and Alpine rose plus a plumping agent derived from the resin of the Indian tree.

Dimitri is busy working on brand new formulations so he won’t be able to be with us tonight at 5pm but do join me and the team for the amazing SKINN collection.

It’s a very special show and the last chance to get this fantastic range for several months.

In the words of Dimitri, great skin – NON NEGOTIABLE.

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