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As the weather and seasons change, it’s time to think about updating our skincare routine. With our collection of the Skinn Collagenesis Skincare, we couldn’t wait to sit down with Skinn Ambassador Brittney Levine for all the beauty gossip…     1. As the British weather constantly changes, have you got any top tips to keep skin looking its best?

Definitely – during the colder, winter months, my skin personally gets really dry and chapped.  Exfoliating combined with intensive moisturising has changed my skin’s life for the better.  I had always thought that adding more moisture to my skin would make me break out or cause a reaction.  I also always felt that exfoliating was too time-consuming, so I only sporadically did it.

Dimitri [James] taught me the importance of adding exfoliation into my skincare routine, to rid my face and body of the dead, dry skin cells. Dermappeal is my go-to face product, but I’m also obsessed with the Olive and Enzyme Body Polish.  It made a MAJOR difference.  In the winter, I have especially noticed a change in my skin brightness, being more radiant and vibrant.

2. We love the Skinn Collagenesis Collection here at Ideal, what sets it apart from other products available on the market?

The Collagenesis line is my ultimate favourite.  When you initially hear anti-ageing, the common misconception is – “is the line/range of products for me?”  The best part about the Collagenenis line is it’s universal for EVERYONE and transcends across all age groups.  Through my line of work, I’ve never come across products that target multiple age sectors and all skin types.

Collagenesis is formulated to target dry, dehydrated, creeping and wrinkled skin – something that whether you’re 20 or 80, face each day.  I also love the active ingredients that make up each product – once you apply, whether it be your lashes with the Wow Factor Mascara, or directly onto your wrinkles with the Deep Wrinkle Protocol Deep Line Erasing Serum, you can actually feel the ingredients doing their job and “working” on your skin!

3. Do you have a Holy Grail or go-to Skinn product?                                                    This is a tough one!!  I can’t leave home without my Olive and Enzyme Cleanser.  Wearing heavy makeup on set and under the heavy lights can really take a toll on your face.  My face doesn’t love makeup and I’m that girl that needs to wash my face every night because I have combination oily skin.  Up until this year, I never knew how vital it was to take off your makeup before cleansing.  Most of the cleansers I used in the past would never get all the makeup off.

This formulation is so easy to throw in my bag, apply without water, and wipe off with a wet towel. Couldn’t be easier!

Tied with the cleansers is most definitely Dermappeal – there’s a reason why this product has won so many awards and is notorious in the Skinn line.  Since I’ve started using it, people often ask me, “what have you done differently, did you get Botox?!”  The microdermabrasion has definitely helped with ridding my face of the dead skin cells and prevented breakouts from starting in the first place.

4. Which top Skinn products would you recommend for a woman looking to improve their skincare routine?

Again, Dermappeal takes the prize here!  Exfoliating is one of Dimitri’s non-negotiables as well.  I love all of our serums and Hydro-Vital moisturisers too!  If you’re looking for something for your neck and body, Neck Amour is the best leave-on sleeping mask that will treat your chin and neck area completely.

Finally, I’m slightly obsessed with the Enriched Softening Essence.  I use this after I cleanse my face to prep my skin before moisturising.  It’s so invigorating and ultra-hydrating and composed of 26 different fruit and plant extracts.  I have noticed a huge change in my skin’s elasticity and texture (it feels so soft after it soaks in!), and as a result, have had to use less moisturiser and makeup!

5. And finally, are there any beauty trends that you’re loving right now?

I love the softer, smoky eyes that hit the runways last Winter 2017 – taupes, greys and cream shimmers are so beautiful.  Peach lips and cheeks are also some of my favourite transitional colours for fall/winter! I can’t walk out the door without my Lip Balms!

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