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Hello strangers!

Sorry I haven’t done a blog for a few weeks, I took a little time off work, not to go on holiday but to actually get on top of my various gardening projects!

I think I have mentioned before that I help maintain quite a few gardens as well as our own. Over the past couple of weeks I have been to see my mum in York to help her plant up her garden for Summer. I have also potted up our pubs garden (you may recall my partner Jay and I bought our village pub a couple of years ago and I am in charge of the gardens) I have also of course tried to get our own garden set for Summer as I am hoping it is going to look the best it ever has.

It was great first of all to see my mum in York. I took her the Sweet Peas I bought from Garden Bargains on Ideal World a few weeks ago and set those up with some other pots that I had planted for her. I also chopped back a few trees and made her some Summer hanging baskets. My mum still loves gardening and does really well by herself but she is now 76 and needs a bit of help at times as she has quite bad arthritis in her hands which slows her gardening down a bit.

I am so pleased that the weather has been great over the past week as I have got loads done in our garden at home and now have potted up nearly all of the Summer hanging baskets and pots.

I think the garden looks really nice this May and I particularly love the aliums that are currently flowering right now that Peter from Garden Bargains got me to grow for the first time this year.

Make sure you tune in to Ideal World this weekend for some exciting garden deals, including a pair of 1.2m Pheonix Palms plus a pair of pots, 12 mixed scented Hardy Devon Pinks, our patio fruit bush garden collection and so much more!

Thanks again for reading and enjoy your gardens in the sunshine!

Shaun xx

1 thought on “Shaun gets out into the garden

  1. Avatarchristina Smith

    You having busy holiday but doing what you love l think your mum looks young for age she must look forward seeing you and such good that you help her with her garden lovely photo of you both .


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