Shaun celebrates 9 years of Garden Bargains

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Hello again and a massive welcome as ever to my weekly gardening blog.

This weekend is a very special one for Ideal World gardeners as we are celebrating Garden Bargains 9th Anniversary. We have a very special Pick of the Day launching  @ 9PM on Friday where we’re giving you a pair of Pink Standard Oleanders and a pair of 11 inch Tulipa Silver Planters for just £29.99 plus buy any plant, pot or compost until 9pm Sunday and pay just £3.99 P&P per item AND receive free Sweet Pea seeds. There’s lots of extra special offers throughout the weekend and during our regular 2 hour show on Sunday from 11pm so I really hope you can join us.

This week I have had my mum come to stay to help me with the garden. She is 76 and has quite a few aches and pains but nothing serious. She is very lucky to still be, on the whole, very agile and able to do quite a lot of gardening – in fact her own garden looks amazing at the moment.

The weather was slightly colder than we thought it would be so mum had to wear one of my old jumpers so is not looking her usual stylish self in the photos! She did a lot of weeding and general tidying up for me though and used one of my heavy duty pots that I often talk about on the show to collect all the rubbish in. We spent the evening watching a film with a bottle of wine and the left over Easter chocolates so that was really nice.

I haven’t planted up any of my Summer hanging baskets or pots yet but that begins next week. I also have my brother Martin and his family staying next week as he has his 50th birthday so I must make sure everything looks really good for his stay.

See you on Ideal World over the weekend when I really hope you can join us to celebrate Garden Bargains 9th Anniversary.

All the best
Shaun x

3 thoughts on “Shaun celebrates 9 years of Garden Bargains

  1. AvatarSteven James

    Thanks Shaun for your blog its always good to read/see you and your mum working hard to keep your garden looking super, I have another season of making my mind up of what to put in my easyfill hanging baskets, last year they were the best I had ever had with the Fragrant Trailing Begonia Heaven Scent everyone commented how good they were, that good I took photo’s and sent them to Will Massey @ he asked if they could use them on Ideal garden I have looked out for them every Sunday but they haven’t been shown! Good luck on this season growing Shaun post photos Steve

  2. AvatarKaren Gardner

    Loved this mornings 2 hour show, so much i wanted! Your competition to send in garden photos was a great idea, shame we cant see all the entries. Any chance of putting them on your blog? Back off to the garden now as its lovely and sunny.


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