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Now you may be feeling uninspired by the British weather to get out in the garden this weekend. But not to worry, that’s all about to change! We’ve got up to 50% off summer garden essentials this weekend, which means when the sun finally makes a reappearance, you’ll be ready to get out there and start planting!


We caught up with avid gardener Shaun to see how he was progressing in the garden, and what’s next on his gardening to-do list!

“Hello everyone,

Shaun here with just a few words to update all my fellow gardening friends on what I’ve been up to lately in the garden. So despite the very average summer weather this year, I really have been doing as much gardening as possible in between the periods of pouring rain!

I spent yesterday planting up the final few giant Begonias that I got from the Sunday show a couple of months ago. I’m really hoping to see them slower soon- if we get some sunshine that is!


The huge tree with the dark brown leaves and tiny white flowers is a Sambucus or more commonly known as a Black Lace Elderberry Bush- I love it and it was so easy to grow!

I’ve done most of the hard work this summer in terms of planting, it’s just keeping on top of it all now. What I am most looking forward to, are some hot sunny days so me and my partner Jay can get the BBQ out and have our friends and family over. Here’s hoping we get some sunshine soon!

One more thing; we have a great summer garden event this weekend on Ideal World starting at 9pm Saturday. You can pick up some of your favourite products for up to 50% off so don’t forget to tune in!

Happy Gardening!”



Thanks Shaun! Join us this weekend for fantastic offers across our gardening range! Why not join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter?


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