Shadazzle comes back for Birthday


Our lovely guest presenter, Dawn Lowe, tells us why Shadazzle is the new essential that you will fall in love with…

I absolutely LOVE Shadazzle!

I was first given a pot to try in September 2015, being told, “try this, its amazing and you won’t want to use anything else once you’ve used this!” – I was sceptical at first, wondering how a pot of natural fragranced clay would change my mind on cleaning, but gave it a go anyway; and boy, am I pleased I did! Shadazzle is the BEST cleaning solution I have ever used! (And trust me, I’ve tried a few!)

I used to work as a cleaner and later as a marketing manager for office space and new house sales. Obviously I had to make sure everywhere was spotlessly clean at all times using many different cleaning fluids, which were all toxic.

Shadazzle has replaced all of those and actually cleans my house better too. It’s an amazing product, it does actually clean, polish and protect anything I clean, which means it cuts my cleaning time down, as it’s harder for dirt and dust to settle on my surfaces due to the protection Shadazzle leaves. Plus the added bonus is it’s child and pet friendly, which means once you’ve cleaned a surface or toy, they are safe to use immediatly and won’t harm your child or pet. This was especially important to me as I have sensitive skin and a little dog, so if it’s safe for pets and children, I knew my skin wouldn’t react to it either.

I love the fact Shadazzle is not only the most effective cleaning tool I’ve ever used, but also made from natural sources too; just a natural French clay and green soap. This means it’s safe for me, as an asthma sufferer, to use and safe to rinse away as it’s not damaging to the environment either. The light lemon fragrance leaves everything smelling clean and fresh too.

I recommend it to everyone I know and am always praising Shadazzle – I get so enthusiastic about it that my friends laugh and try it anyway, as they know I never recommend anything unless it really works. They’re glad they have and now they also constantly enthuse about Shadazzle too! Not only is it environmentally friendly, but also economical too, saving money and space in the home. I just tell people to try it and see, they’ll never go back to toxic cleaners again.

Make sure you tune in to Ideal World for our Birthday event from 9pm on Wednesday 29th March where we have a fabulous deal on three tubs of Shadazzle, 3 extra applicators + FREE P&P as part of our Birthday extravaganza!

Dawn Lowe – Guest TV Presenter for Shadazzle

Watch the first Shadazzle show live at 11am Friday 31st March or find out more about Shadazzle here >

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