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From their humble beginnings in the 1970’s, to their innovative and game-changing designs that we see today. Vax has slowly but surely earned their title as UK’s best-selling floorcare brand, offering a comprehensive range of carpet  cleaners, cordless, steam and hardfloor cleaners. 

We’re proud to celebrate our on-going relationship with Vax with a very special Vax Takeover Day on 30th September 2016. We sat down with Roger Dale, Commercial Director of Vax to get the gossip behind this award-winning company.

  1. What is your role within Vax?

I’m the UK Commercial Director, working at Vax’s head offices in the centre of Birmingham.

2. What separates Vax from other floorcare brands on the market?

Vax is Britain’s leading floorcare brand* with a uniquely wide range of home care products to suit every budget and every need. We offer everything from vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners to carpet washers, hard floor cleaners, pressure washers and cleaning solutions, making us the only UK brand that caters for all your home’s floorcare needs.

We’ve been experts in floorcare for over thirty years, with an engineering team based right here in the Midlands that’s devoted to developing new technologies designed to truly make people’s lives easier: machines that are powerful, lightweight and effortless to use.

As part of the world’s largest and fastest growing floorcare group TTI, we also benefit from access to the world-leading expertise in areas such as battery technology, helping us to drive forward innovations and new product development in cordless cleaning.

3. What do you think has attributed to Vax’s success over the years?

Ever since we first started to make vacuum cleaners in the 1970s, we’ve made it our business to listen carefully to what our customers want. Our engineers are constantly making improvements in design and manufacturing to make sure we stay in tune with what they tell us.

From our first iconic orange tub Vax – a space-saving 3-in-1 machine that could vacuum, wash carpets and such up spills – to our latest multi-function steam cleaners, deep cleaning and quick drying carpet washers and powerful cordless cleaners, we’ve always been inspired by the needs of our customers. With their feedback we’ve made our vacuums lighter, made power cords and hoses longer and made our machines easier to use – all without compromising on performance.

4.Can you tell us one surprising fact about Vax?

We don’t just make floorcare!  As we’ve grown as a company, we’ve expanded our range to include pressure washers, air purifiers, de-humidifiers and even oil-filled radiators. We’re innovating these markets too, for instance our Pure Air 300 air purifier is three times more effective than the Dyson range.** 

5. From the iconic orange Multivax to the cordless designs we see today, how has the technology of your vacuums advanced to better suit household needs?

Technological advances have responded to the changes in how we care for our homes. Time is now precious and most people don’t want to spend all day cleaning. So we’ve focused on developing machines that are quicker, easier to use, lighter and more powerful than before, so you can get the job done fast and then get on with doing something more exciting instead.

Instead of doing a full weekly clean many of us now vacuum little and often, which is why cordless cleaners are now so popular. They offer the convenience, speed and power that today’s consumers demand.

Developments in battery technology mean you can vacuum the whole house on just one charge, so cleaning untethered to a cord is now a viable alternative. Our Lithium-ion batteries are designed to be long-lasting, powerful and fast charging, to help you stay on top of everyday mess.

6. What have we got to look forward to from Vax in the future?

Cordless is our fastest growing area and it’s where the market is clearly headed, so we’ve made  a significant investment in our engineers and technology to drive our next generation of products, offering even more powerful performance and longer run times. In fact, we are planning to double the size of our cordless range within the next six months.

We’re also expanding our product line-up further to include a new range of great value, advanced steam irons, which promise to banish wrinkles from your wardrobe and keep you looking crease-free.

Look out for all these new products coming soon on Ideal World on the 30th September. Join the conversation over on our Facebook and Twitter!

*Vax is Britain’s leading floorcare brand (Source: GfK RT UK, Vacuum Cleaners + Steam Cleaners, Volume Sales, Dec 2014-Dec 2015).

**CADR compared to Dyson air purifiers, tested independently on smoke, pollen and dust to 0.3 microns. August 2016.


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