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Those of you who are avid Ideal World social media fans may have seen our recent #BlastFromThePast posts featuring Ted Moult. Back in the 1980’s, this popular radio and television personality was the face of Everest, his down to earth nature and intelligence made him a firm favourite amongst the British public.

It was Ted’s iconic Tan Hill advert that many remember most, a feather calmly floating down when held against an Everest window during a storm. This simple demonstration was testament to the high quality Everest Window, even now 50 years on Everest fit their windows to the exact millimetre to ensure no pesky drafts!

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We couldn’t be happier to introduce Everest Widows as our new partner! From their bespoke fitting service, which ensures each window is custom made for every house, to their cutting-edge technology and precise installation, which delivers the ultimate in performance.

Everest(01)We love Everest’s promise to provide windows that keep homes warmer, quieter and more secure. And with over 50 years’ experience, it’s a name you can trust to keep your home up to date with the latest window styles and technologies. Did you know that Everest were the first national company to introduce triple glazing to the market in 2014?

To mark this special partnership Everest are offering 10% off exclusively to Ideal World customers- you won’t be able to catch this offer anywhere else! Make sure you tune in Sunday 5th June at 2pm to make the most of this fantastic deal!

So as the famous Ted Moult would say… “You only fit double glazing once, so fit the best, fit Everest”

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