Presenters Say Happy Birthday!

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Our beloved Ideal World TV presenters are leading the celebrations for our amazing Birthday event. Read their heartfelt ‘happy birthday’ messages as Ideal World turn sweet 16!

“The people that work at Ideal World make it a great place to work; there are some wonderful people here. This has always been my dream job! I love the excitement of live television, I love working with great guests and a great team; it’s everything I thought it would be and so much more. Ideal World is the place to be! You must come and party with us so you can join in with all the fun, so you don’t miss out on all the great birthday deals and be part of our Ideal World family and fabulous celebrations. The number 16 makes me think of leaving school and starting the next stage in my life to try to follow my dreams, so it is a very important number to me.
I really enjoy what birthday is all about as I so love the fact we get to work and party! It’s always full of fun, laughter and celebrations with some really good friends. My birthday message to Ideal World would be happy sweet 16th Ideal World and thanks for the amazing years so far; here’s to many, many more!”



“I love being a presenter at Ideal World because no two days are ever the same. You’ll either have different products or a different team, so it’s never a case of Deja vu, which keeps it fresh. I also love my job here because we bring so many wonderful products to our customers and many of them are big brands. I have personally bought more than 50 items in the past three years!

Working at Ideal World is fun! The people are wonderful; it really is one big family and I’ve made lots of close friends over the years. It’s not surprising the company mantra is ‘Family, Friendship and Fun.’ There’s never a dull day at Ideal World. Presenting live television is far more difficult than most people think and there are plenty of things that can go wrong. Hopefully we make it look easy, but that’s because the entire team is well trained and constantly striving for the Ideal World gold standard of excellence.

Happy Birthday Ideal World! I’m looking forward to another year of big brands, innovation and new products. It’s your Sweet Sixteen! Congratulations; here’s to sixteen years of entertainment, innovation and retail bliss!”

Paul Becque


“For me 16 is an important age because it’s when we first start caring about music and collecting tunes that become the soundtrack to our lives. 16 is an extremely nostalgic age.

Ideal World is a relaxed, fun environment that feels like Aladdin’s cave, full of useful gadgets to treasure. This company is great as it gives us presenters the opportunity to share knowledge. Ideal World is the friend the other side of your TV screen.
The best thing about Ideal World’s birthday event is the birthday cake! Happy birthday Ideal World! You may be another year older but like a good wine you’re only getting better with age.”


“Ideal World is a great place to work because the people make every single day special. I love being a presenter at Ideal World because my work is varied, truly interesting, and simply loads of fun. It never feels like work at all!

Come join the Ideal World birthday party because it’s all about you – our beloved customer. There wouldn’t be an Ideal World without the viewers; we truly value your loyalty. You will find lots of fun and great savings, too!

The number 16 really is sweet for me, as it has always felt to me that life really began when I hit 16; my world got even better. Go for it, Ideal World! Being able to join in with the Ideal World birthday event is a very special treat for me because I never dreamed I would be lucky enough to do this for a living. Having been involved since before the channel even launched has been the wonderful journey.

Happy birthday Ideal World and thank you for the best working years of my life. And thank you to the Ideal World viewers; you are simply amazing people.”



“There are so many things I love about working for Ideal World but the best is most definitely the people here. I am blessed to work with such a talented hard working team where nothing is too much trouble. Even though shifts are often long and many employees work unsociable hours there is always such a great atmosphere and lots of laughs amongst the hard work, making Ideal World an amazing place to be every day. There are many reasons why our viewers should join the party! The main two would be the fun we have and the amazing birthday offers.

I love experiencing new products and sharing them with the viewers. If I hadn’t worked on certain shows then my life would probably be very different; I may never have been lucky to have gone on so many cruises had I not presented the Planet Cruise Show or become such a keen gardener without Ideal Gardening.

I remember being 16 years old and being really excited about going to a big new sixth form college and studying my A-levels. The excitement quickly wore off, however.

Because I have been with Ideal World since we began, birthday is a great time to appreciate all the great things that have happened over those years. My birthday message to the company would be to be very proud that you can celebrate another birthday and another fun successful year. Happy 16th!”



So what did you think of our presenters’ birthday messages? What a sentimental bunch! Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. You can catch our presenters over our Birthday event showing off our amazing deals from Wednesday 13th April at 5pm.

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