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What is it about being away on holiday that brings out our most embarrassing, vulnerable and silly selves? Perhaps we unknowingly leave all of our dignity at the airport, or forget to pack our common sense. It’s as if the moment we slap on some sunscreen (Shaun we are looking at you…) or step foot on foreign land all logic flies out the door (Joanne and company you know who you are). Whatever the reason, a holiday is the perfect opportunity to leave your inhibitions at home and get involved (unwittingly or not) in some good old mishaps, misdemeanours and fashion faux pas (cough, cough Genevieve). Our beloved presenters share with us their good, embarrassing, and downright hilarious holiday moments. Enjoy, and try not to cringe too hard…

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“One of the funniest things that happened to me on holiday involves very embarrassing sunburn. It was my first day in Orlando, Florida and I met up with friends who had already been there a week and were beautifully tanned. In fact, the entire pool was surrounded by bronzed beauties. I however, was still very pale and decided to keep my vest on for the first few hours. I covered my arms and legs with sun cream but didn’t bother with my torso because of the vest. The vest itself appeared normal and wasn’t a ‘string vest’ but what I didn’t realise is that there were tiny holes in the fabric which weren’t visible to the naked eye…

A few hours later I started feeling really hot and my body felt a bit sore so I took the vest off and to my horror I had a bright red mesh pattern of burnt skin in the shape of a vest all over my torso! My friends were in hysterics and I was mortified! It took the whole holiday for my burnt mesh skin to fade. Sadly (or thankfully) I have deleted the pictures but I’m sure you can imagine how it looked for yourselves…”


“We had the most amazing trip to Rome, many years ago now. My partner and I took my Mum and Dad away for my mum’s birthday, and stayed in a lovely hotel called ‘Hotel Ars’ which of course made us giggle! It was just outside the city so we used the public transport to get about as it was amazingly easy and so clean. Everyone was so polite and it had a very friendly atmosphere.

The first night that we went out for a meal was hysterical! No one spoke any English and there were no English menus. We had absolutely no idea what we were ordering and the impressions of fish and various animals we and the waiters had to do were just so funny. We needed Google translate, but there was none of that back then. This set the fun vibe off for the entire holiday; every day was wonderful.

Our first trip into the city was amazing; Rome is just incredible. It was so hot, so naturally we were dressed in summer clothing, but we didn’t realise that my partner and Dad (being in long shorts) would be a problem, but it was at the Vatican. They wouldn’t let Shaun and my Dad in, so Mum and I went in on our own. As soon as we stepped in the door we thought, “They can’t not see this, it’s so amazing,” so we had to find them a way in. Back then, all we had was a rubbish mobile phone which took ages to connect a call through to them, but eventually we got through and told them to go and buy some emergency trousers and get in there with us. So they went to a shop close by and obviously (this happens all the time) bought themselves some paper trousers! They were the funniest thing in sight; Dad had us crying with laughter by pulling his trousers up as high as his waist, hilarious!

The building was so incredible inside; you couldn’t go all the way to Rome and not see it, even if you had to be seen by fellow sightseers wearing ridiculous trousers. It was so breathtaking, as was all of Rome. It was an amazing, incredible, beautiful, historic, and hilarious holiday. We are very lucky to have had some fabulous holidays with my parents, with memories that can never be taken away. Quality time is what life is all about; quality time with the people you love.”


“On holiday a few years ago myself, my sister and our friends were in Spain and decided to take a swim in the sea, but none of us wanted to leave our bags on the beach. So we decided to leave everything in our hire car and go into the sea (and onto the big, fun looking pontoon together). We paid the parking meter (because we had already fallen foul of that on the holiday) and set off. The pontoon promised to be excellent fun and we arranged to get back to the car before the parking ticket expired. We felt this was completely feasible and we merrily tucked the deposit car key into what we thought was a water-safe pocket in my friend’s swimming trunks.

Having had incredible fun in the sea we then returned to the car in plenty of time, however we quickly discovered the key no longer unlocked the car… So there we were, not a word of Spanish between us, sopping wet, cold, with no towels, no bags and no way of getting home… disaster! We had to stop strangers in the street to try and explain that we needed to borrow a phone. We got a lot of funny looks. Once we eventually got hold of a phone, we then had to figure out how exactly to call the rescue service for help and then try and explain where we were located, which wasn’t easy when you can’t speak the language and the resort didn’t appear to have any street signs!

At the time we felt like there wasn’t any hope of being rescued and we worried we would spend the rest of our holiday holed up in a pizzeria with a huge bar bill, not very far from the very hire car that was still on a parking meter. As a result of this, (and the regular presence of passing parking attendants) we also had to beg total strangers for money in order to keep topping up the meter to avoid the looming fine.

We spent a very long five hours sheltering and shivering in a nearby pizzeria, where they were kind enough to serve our bedraggled, dishevelled, totally penniless little group.  But thanks to the generosity of lots of happy holiday makers and a very understanding rescue team we did eventually get back into the car. We dried off, paid up at the pizzeria and avoided getting the second parking fine of the holiday, although we did have to get someone else to drive the car home as we had all had far too much Sangria whilst we were drying out! I guess you had to be there…”


“I have plenty of holiday stories but the one that comes to mind is when I was on holiday in Santa Monica. We were there for both a holiday and a special occasion. I had spent ages choosing the right dress; a lovely backless number with a heart shaped neckline.

The day before the do, I decided to go to the beach, so off I go in this lovely designer swimwear with a cross-over pattern on the back. I had forgotten to put sun cream on my back and by the end of the day I had sunburn in the shape of a waffle on my back! I had to literally colour it in with fake tan, but you could still see it in the dress. Not my finest look!”


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    Can someone tell me what has happened to Loen love haven’t seen her for ages and I miss her she is one of my favourites


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