Presenters’ Birthday Memories

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To help celebrate Ideal World’s birthday event, some of our much loved Ideal World presenters share their very personal memories and photographs with us. Get an exclusive insight into their fondest birthday memories to help us celebrate!


New York“My fondest birthday memory without a shadow of a doubt is my mum’s 70th. My partner and I saved up to take both our mums on a trip of a lifetime – a two night stay in New York followed by a cruise on The Queen Mary 2 around the Caribbean.

It was a beautiful holiday full of fun, adventure, laughs and excitement! We spent the morning of my mum’s 70th birthday on the ship opening her cards and presents over a wonderful breakfast. We then spent the afternoon on the stunning beach location of Magens Bay on the idyllic island of Saint Thomas.

You only have one mum, and she only turns 70 once. I am so glad we spent her birthday together as the day really couldn’t have been more perfect, just like my mum.”



Budgie“I vividly remember my 6th birthday in Wales. All I wanted was a blue budgerigar. My dream finally came true when during the birthday party celebrations (attended by a plethora of friends and family) I was presented with a real live blue budgerigar, who I immediately named Bobby.

We all stuffed our faces with birthday cake, blancmange and jelly, whilst Bobby was busy tucking into copious quantities of bird seed, stopping frequently to check out his own reflection in the round bird mirror in his cage. I don’t know where he picked up that habit…

Reflecting on this special memory certainly generates a smile!”



Rachel - Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 16.50.03“I have had many great, and I mean great birthdays! Party-time (ahem) birthdays, romantic birthdays, family birthdays, exotic adventure birthdays… but the one that stands out in my memory is my daughter’s first birthday.

The day my little girl was born, everything for me slotted into place. I understood in that moment that life had changed, and definitely for the better. This was the birthday to beat all other birthdays, past, present and future. That day I finally understood what the word ‘birthday’ really meant, and she didn’t even bring a cake or a gift with her to the party!”




Hayley - IMG_4137“I will always remember my Dad’s 80th. Dad loved Scotland, so as a family we hired a private castle overlooking Loch Long for a week, with 12 of us in total. It was 2010, just before Christmas and we had terrible snow. My sister, nephew and niece were coming from New York, but all flights from America to UK were cancelled! The roads were so terrible, we thought we’d have to cancel the whole trip. But a day late my sister managed to get them onto the one and only flight that was going to Manchester, so we managed to get off the drive with the hire bus! And the celebrations began!

It was the most Amazing time that left us with the most incredible memories. It was Dad’s best birthday ever and my best Birthday memory by far!”


gen bdayGenevieve:

“I love birthdays and I love celebrating (any excuse for a good knees-up)! One of my favourite birthdays was Ideal World’s 15th last year. Everyone was in such high spirits and we were so proud to be a part of Ideal World. That was also the time that I launched our collection of ‘Styled By’ dresses so it was extra exciting for me! That was definitely a highlight for me.”



“This is very recent for me and will definitely be my ‘Fondest Birthday Memory’, even though it’s not my own but my son Frankie Jack’s. On approach to his birthday I found the time a little bitter sweet. I cried that he was turning a whole year old, as my little baby was growing up too quickly. But I was also so excited; we held a double whammy for him, as we decided to christen him on the same day.Frankie Jack Cake - Sally

135 people came… wow! We were overwhelmed by the love and support from family and friends, some travelling form Spain and America to join us. As we walked up to the church on that beautiful sunny day, everyone was stood outside waiting for us to arrive; what a feeling that was! Frankie Jack was completely oblivious of course, and not feeling any love for his little sailor hat.

Frankie Jack’s party was held afterwards and included face painters, a DJ, Charlie the Dinosaur, an ice cream van and of course a few cheeky drinks for the adults! Gary and I announced our engagement and the roar from the room was deafening, before someone shouted out, “at last!” They had a point; we have been together forever so it has become a little bit of a personal joke. That is one birthday I will never forget!”


Don’t forget we will be celebrating our 16th birthday at 5pm on Wednesday 13th April 2016 until 8.59pm Monday 18th April 2016! We have our best ever prices on your favourite products as well as three amazing competitions, so come and party with us.

What’s your favourite birthday memory? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter page! Join in with the chatter by using the hashtag #JoinTheIdealParty 

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