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Just like with human beings, to keep healthy and live long plants need a good balanced diet too. For plants though, their balance is not between carbs and protein, but between Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium or NPK – as well as all those little micronutrients they need – just like we may take a vitamin pill.

In the garden, each type of soil can hold varying amounts of feed in it. Clay soils bind feed in, sandy soils less so. But heavy rain can flush it all through. If growing in pots and baskets, it is even more important as peat and composts have little or no feed in – luckily our Premium Professional Compost Mix does – but even then does not last forever.

Going back to our NPK, each of these helps different parts of plants grow:

N – Nitrogen – for the leaves and stems of the plant
P – Phosphorous – boosts the roots and toughens them against diseases
K – Potassium (or Potash) – helps stimulate flowers and fruit – bigger corps and better flower displays

Just like you wouldn’t feed a newborn baby a hamburger, what we feed and when will also affect your plants too. Plus all those little “vitamin” micronutrients they need to toughen themselves up against pests and diseases. Plants can only use feed when they are growing – so when they have no leaves in Winter, no need to feed. The warmer it is, the brighter it is, the faster they grow, the more feed they need.

It may all sound a bit complicated – and if you’ve been dazzled by the array of feeds in garden centres, it is confusing. But worry not – we have the perfect solution. Take 3 bottles into the garden shed? No, our Blooming Fast Universal Soluble Feed really is perfect for all your plants – indoors or out, fruit or veg. flowers or trees – anything in fact apart from lawns.

So how do we do this? As it’s s soluble powder, one spoonful goes a long, long way. Simply dissolve one scoopful (scoop provided) into one standard gallon watering can – it turns it pale red so you can see there is feed in it. Finally, water your plants as normal around the base, or onto the pots or tubs. Avoid applying to the leaves – its just a waste, and ideally do it in the cooler evenings or early mornings too. Every 2 weeks or so is fine – there enough there for them to last that long. And each 750g tubs makes up into a whopping 10 watering can fuls of feed. Compare that to market leading brands ready to use mixes, and its less than 2% of the cost per can.

Used regularly like this you will see amazing results in your garden. More fruit, More flowers, longer lasting flowers, greener leaves, tougher plants, less diseases. All this starts with a healthy balanced plant feed – and Blooming Fast Universal Soluble Feed really is the only one you need. Team it up with our Professional Compost for even better results.

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