Why Paul loves the Vibrapower range

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Ideal World presenter Paul Becque tells us why his Vibrapower equiptment has helped him lead a fitter and healthier life..

“Last week I couldn’t resist our Blockbuster Deal (which means our lowest ever price, but only whilst stocks last) on our top-of-the-range Vibrapower fitness equipment. This model is called the “HIIT” which provides High-Intensity Interval Training for the whole body.

Since retiring from the cruise ships in 2004, I’ve had a constant battle with my weight. Despite being a busy bee, I work out much less and am far less active than I used to be aboard the ships. Consequently, the pounds piled on and my waistline expanded – for a while I called it middle-age spread and accepted it as natural.

The Power of Focus

However, in 2014, as I approached the big 5-0, I decided that I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror and made a conscious decision to improve my health and fitness by simply being mindful of what I eat, drink and do. I began to pay attention to my calorie intake, started drinking less wine and more water, and added exercise to my daily routine with the original Vibrapower Disc. Since then I’ve been able to get my weight down from 13 stone to the NHS recommendation (for my personal profile) of 10 stone and 10 lbs and I’ve never felt better!

Because I thank the Vibrapower Disc for playing such a big part of my success, I felt that I deserved an upgrade to the top of the range model with an onboard computer (which I like to call my motivation monitor), and bluetooth speakers (to play smooth jazz from my iPhone).

Smart Exercise

Today’s Vibration Exercise (VbX) equipment differs dramatically from the old-fashioned vibrating-belt machines (I’m showing my age now!), which wrapped around your mid-section and pulsated back and forth. Essentially, the pulsing effect from the belt did nothing more than push your flesh around.

However, today’s vibration fitness machines, shake your whole body between 30 and 50 times per second. To compensate for this movement, your muscles involuntarily contract and relax as you naturally maintain your balance. It’s this constant attempt to balance yourself that forces your muscles to work hard enough to assist with weight loss and significant toning. That’s what I call “Smart Exercise”.

According to the theory behind Vibration Training, by performing calisthenic exercises such as squats, crunches and push-ups whilst sitting or standing on the Vibrapower fitness equipment, you can substantially increase the weight-loss potential of your activity.

Without doubt, it’s the easiest way I know to exercise. I’m loving the upgrade and my original disc is going to my Mum, who’s already tried it out and liked it!

If you want to take a look at our Vibrapower range, visit http://bit.ly/2n7jZO0.

If you have any questions on this technology feel free to reach out to myself, or Rick Hay, via Facebook or comment on this blog post.

Be well, Paul”

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  1. AvatarVic Matcham

    Hi Paul Vic from Dover I am still buying from your show I will be seeing Dav and Magge soon. And we are off again to Scotland we spend about 12 weeks over the year in the Highlands,we would like to go to Spain again later in the year but I am getting old now,hope to see you again soon in Dover it is looking up again. vic and Lesley all the best to you and the family.


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