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If painting is on your list of DIY this spring, take a look at these 8 expert tips from Wagner on how to spray paint with perfection and create a professional finish.

    1. Make sure you always mask or remove parts that you do not wish to be sprayed
    2. If the surface is old or falling away, make sure you clean and lightly sand the area before spraying
    3. Remove dust from surfaces with a wet cloth
    4.  Always carry out a spray test first. As paint thickness differs, you can set the variable air control for thinner or thicker materials
    5. Choose the right spray pattern. The horizontal paint jet is perfect for working top to bottom, the vertical paint jet is best for working from left to right and the spot paint jet is great for precise applications.
    6. Always start with the edges or corners, then spray the surfaces
    7. Only change spray direction once you are beyond the edges to prevent thicker layers of paint when changing directions
    8. Always allow the paint to dry thoroughly (in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions) 

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