Shaun gets out into the garden


Hello strangers!

Sorry I haven’t done a blog for a few weeks, I took a little time off work, not to go on holiday but to actually get on top of my various gardening projects!

I think I have mentioned before that I help maintain quite a few gardens as well as our own. Over the past couple of weeks I have been to see my mum in York to help her plant up her garden for Summer. I have also potted up our pubs garden (you may recall my partner Jay and I bought our village pub a couple of years ago and I am in charge of the gardens) I have also of course tried to get our own garden set for Summer as I am hoping it is going to look the best it ever has.

It was great first of all to see my mum in York. I took her the Sweet Peas I bought from Garden Bargains on Ideal World a few weeks ago and set those up with some other pots that I had planted for her. I also chopped back a few trees and made her some Summer hanging baskets. My mum still loves gardening and does really well by herself but she is now 76 and needs a bit of help at times as she has quite bad arthritis in her hands which slows her gardening down a bit.

I am so pleased that the weather has been great over the past week as I have got loads done in our garden at home and now have potted up nearly all of the Summer hanging baskets and pots.

I think the garden looks really nice this May and I particularly love the aliums that are currently flowering right now that Peter from Garden Bargains got me to grow for the first time this year.

Make sure you tune in to Ideal World this weekend for some exciting garden deals, including a pair of 1.2m Pheonix Palms plus a pair of pots, 12 mixed scented Hardy Devon Pinks, our patio fruit bush garden collection and so much more!

Thanks again for reading and enjoy your gardens in the sunshine!

Shaun xx

Fayon’s Charity Work

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Fayon Charity work








People often ask me what else I do when working on Ideal World. It’s an interesting one as I can honestly say all the other things I do involve talking in someway, which makes me happy and puts to rights all the times I had my name up on the blackboard at school for talking too much 🙂

For nearly 14 years I have been a reader for the charity Interact Stroke. In between my freelance presenting I visit people recovering from having a stroke in London hospitals or community clubs.

15 years ago, two of my mum’s best friends both had strokes and when I would visit them in hospital, I used to read the TV Times or the newspapers to keep them up to speed with daily news. I would make it fun and get them smiling, I had no idea I was laying the foundations for an opportunity to do this on a much larger scale the following year.

Around this time I was working in a marketing company and a colleague who was also an actor would leave early a few times a week. I discovered that she was a reader for Interact and I immediately wanted to be involved!

Fayon charity work

Over the years I have read, sang, played quizzes and games with the patients from as young as 15 to 105 years old!! I feel so fortunate to be part of the recovery of the patients in this way and the hospital staff are always so encouraging and supportive of what we do, often joining in with the songs or a poem they know.

The best parts of supporting a patient who is recovering from a stroke is when I start to recite a song or a poem and out of the blue they start reciting it too and the nurse will tell you that’s the first time they’ve heard them speak! The other great things are seeing them gradually improve and by the time you return to the hospital expecting just a couple of words but they start speaking with you and holding a conversation. As I live close to the hospital the most wonderful thing is when you bump into them in the street and you can see they have got their life back!

This is a small insight into my life however it is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of it.

Take care all,

Fayon xx

Shaun chooses his favourite products in Presenter Picks

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Hello again and welcome to my regular gardening blog

I hope you are all well and enjoying our ‘rather average’ weather!

I was out in the garden quite a lot last week as my brother and his family came to stay with us for his 50th birthday so I wanted to make sure the garden looked its best which it really did. I treated myself to an outdoor heater for the undercover seated area by the side of the house so we were all able to sit outside for longer on an evening and it actually was really nice (I may think differently when the electric bill comes in though!)

This weekend on Ideal World is PRESENTER PICKS weekend where our presenters get to choose some of their favourite products and ask the buying team to get our viewers a really special deal. Naturally I have chosen gardening as some of mine and we have our professional compost back in the big 80 litre single bag for just 9.99. I also have a second gardening Presenter Pick which is the gorgeous set of patio Clematis in the serenity pots at a very special price. I love Clematis and have a massive one in flower right now in the garden, the ones on the show are a lovely compact variety that flower for longer and ideal for smaller spaces. Please join myself and Peter on Sunday between 11am and 1pm to find out more.

My other Presenter Picks are the Cushion Walk shoes which I have on Saturday at 9am and 12pm. Now I hear what you are thinking – ladies shoes seems a slightly odd choice for me as one of my personal favourites? The reason why I picked them is actually for my mum as she absolutely loves them and now has several pairs (here she is with one of her many favourites). Hopefully she is going to call into the live show too!

I must dash as I have loads of hanging baskets to make up today and quite a few planters to fill and the weather looks great outside for a change so I intend to make the most of it

See you over the weekend!
Shaun xxx

Hayley’s Dad’s Do

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Hayley looks forward to another year of her “My Dad’s Do” Charity Ball…

So it’s time for me to start getting the final bits ready for my Charity Ball. Venue has been booked for nearly a year – same place it’s been for the last 4 years – the band is booked and now it’s all hands on deck.

Time to pick colour scheme, menus and the rest of the entertainment. Brochures have been printed and sent out, letter written to people to try and get prizes for raffle – it’s all go!

I started our Charity Ball in 2010 instead of having a 40th Birthday Party. It was a lot of harder than I though it would be, trying to get raffle prizes, sell tickets and get everything organised. Then there was the worry, would anyone come? Would they enjoy it? Will the food be ok?  The list went on! It actually ended up being such a great night that it has become an annual event and it will be our 8th Charity Ball this year. I am so lucky to have some amazing friends and family that help me greatly, there are some incredibly generous people in the world and there have also been people I don’t personally know as well as the ones I do. I am so lucky to know and to have met some amazing, kind and caring people.

We have a selection of people that come of all ages 17 to 80. A lot are friends, lots of people whom I know and lots of people who worked with my Dad and since I’ve been at Ideal World there have always been two big tables now from here, which is fabulous!

It’s a Black Tie event, so everyone gets dressed up which is great. Any excuse to get a new frock! Usually I get stuck between two – I love gorgeous dresses. The evening starts with a drinks reception, then followed by a 3 course dinner, coffee and chocolate, then the entertainment starts. It HAS to be a live band, as my background was originally in entertainment a live band is a must. Usually the dance floor is full in seconds, everyone is so up for just having a good time whilst helping to raise lots of money, it’s great! When the band has a break we usually had a comic but last year decided to host a game show instead which was really good fun, so we are going to that again this year. Followed then by the raffle and auction, which raises a lot of money on the actual evening, which is wonderful. The Band are back on for another hour, then its disco till 2am, followed by a late night entertainer in the bar till 4am, which is our switch OFF time and time to have a drink after hopefully a fabulous and busy night.

I’m starting to get me ready too and this weekend features lots of the products that I’m using! Microderm Mini MD to prepare my skin along with Elizabeth Grant, one of our most popular skin care ranges, two of my favourite products. My Vibrapower Disc 2 to help me get into my dress, and keep me fit to run round organising, my number 1 product ever. I can get my nails sorted too with Gel Touch Nails! It’s actually Presenters Picks from 9pm Friday 5th May until 9pm Sunday 7th May, but with all these products it’s like it’s my Charity Ball prep weekend at Ideal World! Let’s get ready..

So here we go, here’s to this year’s event and fingers crossed it all goes ok. A big thank you to every one who supports us, I couldn’t do it without you and so grateful that we have managed to keep it going so long.

We hold ‘My Dad’s Do’ in aid of Brain Tumour Research Campaign, the Aylesford Unit (Warwick Hospital cancer unit) and also to help with my school friend rehabilitation after being knocked over by a car in 2015, she’s still very poorly but continually amazes us with her recovery. Three great causes so close to my heart.

My Dad was my biggest supporter, ticket seller, advertiser, stage builder, problem solver and so so much more. Agonisingly we found out my Beautiful Dad had stomach cancer in 2011 and we lost the most amazing, wonderful man I have ever know in just 4 months at the beginning of January 2012. Our world changed that day and there is a huge hole in our life that will never go away. So from then on our event then became “My Dad’s Do” and is held in ‘My Dads’ memory every year.

I’m sure the reason I am working at Ideal World was my Dads work, he knew it was my dream and the September of that same year that we lost Dad I got that dream job as a presenter here, i think Dad had his hand in that from up above! So wish he was here to see how much I love it. He would be making all his clients watch and he would have loved to come in to the studios to meet everyone and see how it all worked. But in a way I think he already has!

Hayley x

Fayon’s Blooming Garden!


Well, after being back in my thermals for last week’s Garden Bargains show, I am relieved to hear that the sun is making a come-back in time for the bank holiday…Yaaaay!!!

I must say though the rain has been wonderful for the new editions in my garden 🙂 My 100 treated Freesia Bulbs are popping out gorgeous green shoots and my 8 rose plants are positively thriving!Fayon's RosesEarlier this month whilst presenting a Garden Bargains show with Angela, I was transported back to my holiday in Greece with a fragrant Lilac plant we had on the show. The fragrance was amazing and I just had to order one for outside my back door so I will always be able to catch a whiff of that gorgeous blossom. I couldn’t believe the price and how securely the packaging was when it arrived.

On the show were also one of my favorite fruits, blueberries! The blueberry collection – pack of3 varieties were our ‘Edible of the month’. I absolutely love them and like to include them in my ‘power juices’ that I whiz up with my Nutribullet. They are packed with fibre, potassium, folate, vitamin C and B6 which all support your health. I just had to get some for my garden, I’ve never made blueberry muffins before, it’s the treat I like when I’m travelling on trains from London to Peterborough, once these grow, I’ll definitely be giving it a go!

Blueberry plants

I also popped the twin pack 40L handy premium professional compost into my basket, an absolute must for all around my garden and the fact I didn’t have to lug it into the back of my car is great, I can save my strength for fun in my garden with my family instead.

Don’t miss Hayley and Angela’s Double Discount Garden Bargains show this Sunday at 11am for your Plant of the month.

Paul puts the Drill Bits to the test

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Hi – Paul here,

Wowzer! The weather has been great recently for DIY and gardening. With just a few days of sunshine I was able to get outside and complete plenty of jobs that I’ve been putting off over the wet and windy winter months. Now Spring is here, I’ve really been SPRING CLEANING around the home and garden! This is the time of year that I really appreciate Ideal World.

The patio is now moss and algae free, ready for the garden furniture to come out. The driveway and paths all washed down. The windows have been cleaned inside and out. Painting jobs completed. Grass cut. Hedges cut (thanks to my eldest son Solomon) and flowers planted. But there are still plenty of jobs to do.

I need to re-plant my hanging baskets with the peach begonias from last year. Use my Wagner on the fencing and sheds. Fix the bin house. Clean the gutters. Wash the conservatory and get the pumps back into the water features.

I’m very pleased to tell you that most of the tools and devices that I use to do any of these jobs, have come from Ideal World. If, like me, you enjoy taking care of your home, it’s well worth tuning in to channel 22 (we’re on Freeview), or checking out the website, because there are so many useful products at this time of year. And if you can get them on a special deal, even better!

One of my favourite DIY products has to be the “Drill All” Drill Bits. In 2013, we moved home, and as you may well expect, modifying the house to suit our needs and maximising storage, provided an abundance of home improvement opportunities. Some of the most simple of tasks, like adding a kitchen roll holder, loo roll holder, shelves above our fridge/freezer and hanging baskets proved incredibly difficult because my big brand drill bits could not hack the stone walls.

I thought it would be the perfect test for the “Drill All” Drill Bits, and if they couldn’t do the job, you could be sure that I was going to send them back before the 14-day money-back guarantee was up.

Great news! They worked like a dream! Every job that my big brand (probably one of the most famous on the market), drill bits were unable to achieve, I tested the “Drill All” Drill Bits on, and each time they performed like a hot knife in butter. Consequently, I kept them and am currently enjoying their 10 year guarantee. They’re awesome.

Make sure you tune in this weekend between 9pm Saturday 29th April and 9pm 30th April 2017 to take advantage of our amazing Pick of the Day deal for just £39.95 – that’s a saving of £80 PLUS a double discount of a FREE Tool Bag!


Bloom Hearing Specialists


Ideal World presenter Dennice tells us why you should speak to Bloom Hearing Specialists if you are worried about yours or a family members hearing…

“From my own family’s history I know how isolated people can feel when they experience hearing loss, which is why I am so very pleased that Ideal World is working with Bloom Hearing Specialists to bring awareness and a viable solution to people with hearing difficulties.

Whether the problem is thinking that other people are mumbling or even feeling left out of conversations due to missing parts of what is being said or because you are unable to follow the conversation due to noisy background sounds.

Book your hearing test either in store or in the comfort of your own home PLUS as an Ideal World customer you’ll receive 4 years worth of hearing aid batteries with every purchase.

Look out for the Bloom Hearing Specialists shows on Ideal World – help is at hand.”

Make sure you tune in on Sky 654, Freeview 22, Virgin 747 and Freesat 812 or visit to find out more.


Shaun celebrates 9 years of Garden Bargains

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Hello again and a massive welcome as ever to my weekly gardening blog.

This weekend is a very special one for Ideal World gardeners as we are celebrating Garden Bargains 9th Anniversary. We have a very special Pick of the Day launching  @ 9PM on Friday where we’re giving you a pair of Pink Standard Oleanders and a pair of 11 inch Tulipa Silver Planters for just £29.99 plus buy any plant, pot or compost until 9pm Sunday and pay just £3.99 P&P per item AND receive free Sweet Pea seeds. There’s lots of extra special offers throughout the weekend and during our regular 2 hour show on Sunday from 11pm so I really hope you can join us.

This week I have had my mum come to stay to help me with the garden. She is 76 and has quite a few aches and pains but nothing serious. She is very lucky to still be, on the whole, very agile and able to do quite a lot of gardening – in fact her own garden looks amazing at the moment.

The weather was slightly colder than we thought it would be so mum had to wear one of my old jumpers so is not looking her usual stylish self in the photos! She did a lot of weeding and general tidying up for me though and used one of my heavy duty pots that I often talk about on the show to collect all the rubbish in. We spent the evening watching a film with a bottle of wine and the left over Easter chocolates so that was really nice.

I haven’t planted up any of my Summer hanging baskets or pots yet but that begins next week. I also have my brother Martin and his family staying next week as he has his 50th birthday so I must make sure everything looks really good for his stay.

See you on Ideal World over the weekend when I really hope you can join us to celebrate Garden Bargains 9th Anniversary.

All the best
Shaun x

Easter with Hayley


So it’s nearly Easter. I’ve been thinking back to when I was a child, I don’t think we had such a long time off school back then, but I remember painting boiled eggs and decorating Easter bonnets at school.

Grandma and Grandad always came for Easter Sunday, we did see them most Sundays but any big family day they would come to us. I was lucky I had all four of my Grandparents until I was in my 20’s, so they were always a huge part of my and life.

When I was young we went to church every week, so obviously Palm Sunday and Easter were a trip to the village church, it’s where I started my love of singing, the sound of singing in church is gorgeous and did eventually become a singer and dancer.

Easter morning we would get up to Easter eggs at our places on the kitchen table, my Mum and Dad’s kitchen was always (and still is) my safe place, as it really always has been the heart of our home. My Dad built our house so every brick is special but the kitchen is where the heart beats loudest.

We would always have small chocolate toffee eggs in a long box with rabbits on and with lots of extra bits and pieces, toy Easter chicks or bunnies – an Easter bag of goodies. Mum’s Easter lunch was always amazing, Mum does the best Sunday roasts and incredible deserts. I never inherited Mums cooking skills but was thoroughly spoilt with fabulous food through all my childhood, late teen, twenties, up to the the present day!

Easter tea was my favourite, with a lovely choice of sandwiches and salad, freshly cooked ham, salmon, freshly made scones and cream and cakes and the most amazing Easter sponge cake with butter cream and mini eggs on top, with little chicks the works!

I tried to copy my Mums’s Easter cake, on a competition on Ideal World a few years ago, on a Kenwood Pick of the Day. Sadly I was pipped to the post by Dean, from Create and Craft, his cake was the winner, but I sill feel it was a fix!!! Mine was amazing! So many decorations!! Not as good as Mums but think a first prize effort had gone into it! But second place for me!

My Mum had a Kenwood and still swears by it and uses it every week and I can’t wait to be working with Kenwood on Monday at midday, we have such an incredible deal for you on our new Cheft Sence Colour Stand Mixer – just £329.99!

So this Easter Mum will be with us, I am working but we will be able to have Easter dinner together. Looking forward to Easter at Ideal World too, my other family, on Good Friday I have two fabulous Garden Bargain hours at 11am, which I love & always I end up buying loads but love the garden looking good and our prices make it so affordable and love having first choice on all the very different unusual plants that Peter brings us too. Had a big garden sort out yesterday with my G-Tech hedge cutter! Three green bins full! Spring gardening has really started!

We also have a great deal this weekend on the E-life bikes too, lots of my favourites over the whole of Easter.

Don’t forget, this Easter all our deals are only available until 9pm on Easter Monday! So make sure you grab a egg-cellent deal while you can >

So Happy Easter to you all, hope you have a lovely weekend. It is all about family time but remember we see you as part of our family so please join us for lots of fun, Easter eggs (I hope!) and games!!

Family, friendship and fun, I’ll meet you there.

Hayley xxxx

Shaun’s back in his garden

Garden, Shaun's One To Watch

Hello everyone or should I say “Hola” as I’ve just got back from my mini break in Spain!

Shaun in SpainMy partner Jay and I stayed in a little place called Sitges which is around a 30 minute train journey from Barcelona and really beautiful. It is very quaint with some lovely beaches, bars and restaurants and also very friendly so we both had a great time and even made some new friends! The weather was perfect for me, around 20 degrees every day so I have come back with a bit of a tan and feeling great – all ready for our big Easter Event launching this Thursday on Ideal World at 8PM.

Shaun at home with his own Mediterranean gardenLike most keen gardeners I love observing all the Mediterranean plants and flowers on my holidays and it’s amazing how many plants I spotted in Spain that I have growing in my garden and  greenhouse. The pictures show me next to a giant agave and also some bird of paradise plants, one of my absolute favourites. I’ve been growing one for years in my greenhouse which has never flowered but I’m hoping that might change if we have a great Summer this year. I also have an agave growing in a pot which I fell into once after one two many drinks and it was not a pleasant experience!

I gather I missed out on some great weather however too in the UK while as I was away with temperatures of 20 degrees+ which is incredible for April. I couldn’t believe how much had changed in the garden during the few days I was away and it all needs a good tidy up again. I actually have presenter Joanne and her family coming to stay on Good Friday so I definitely need to make sure the garden looks good by then as we like to compete a little when it comes to who has the greenest fingers!

I am back on the gardening show this Sunday at 11am with some brilliant Easter offers so I really hope you can all join me. We’ve got some exciting deals on our Jumbo Trailing Fuchsias, Pack of 3 Blueberry Collection and a Pair of 2L Pink and Blue Patio Clematis – they’re not to be missed!

Thanks as ever for reading my latest blog and I will see you this weekend!

Happy gardening
Shaun x

Shaun’s Birthday Purchase for the Garden

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Hello again gardening friends and welcome to my first blog for the month of April!

First of all thanks to everyone who ordered from the gardening show on our Birthday weekend, hope you all enjoyed the special deals and exciting new plants and products as much as we did.

Our 17th Birthday was the best yet (and I’ve been to all 17!) and I was so pleased to be a part of it. I actually worked quite a few extra days as I didn’t want to miss out on anything, but that did mean I had to sacrifice a few of my gardening days last week. However, as I was mostly on the early shift I did manage to get a few odd hours in the evening to do a few bits and bobs and the weather has been really sunny later on in the day so it’s been really nice to potter about early evening

I had ordered the patio sweet peas with pots last week from the Sunday Show as a present for my mum and they arrived really quickly so potting those up was top of my list. The quality of the plants was excellent and everything arrived very safely as always. Looking forward to seeing my mum soon and giving them too her, I know she will love them

Last week I pictured my narcissus looking fabulous but sadly because of the intense sun these are going back a little but the tulips are now in full bloom and looking wonderful so the garden is still looking really good for the time of year, even if I say so myself!

Thanks as always for reading

All the best
Shaun x

Ps One final important point- if you ordered lots of things from Sunday’s show or from any gardening hour don’t worry if everything doesn’t always arrive together in one go. Plants and products are sometimes sent In separate parcels for various reasons but often to make sure the plants are as fresh as possible.

Spray and Leave Birthday Pick of the Day


Paul looks forward to the Spear & Jackson Pick of the Day this Sunday 2nd April from 9pm..

Spray and Leave resultsSpear and Jackson have really knocked it out of the park with their fantastic Spray and Leave. I bought it last year and was really impressed, so I told my Dad to buy some this year. He has a large patio and has never cleaned it. It’s covered in lichen and would take a lot of work even with a pressure washer. He’s in his 80’s so hard work isn’t something he wants, and certainly wouldn’t look forward to. Hey, he’s never cleaned the patio, so I guess I’m right. But within 4 days of using Spray and Leave the results were amazing and my Dad is now telling everyone he knows about this amazing product. It’s easy to use, spray and leave… the name says it all!

From 9pm Sunday 2nd April Spear and Jackson’s Spray and Leave will be our Pick of the Day for an amazing price of just £17 for 5L and a 2L Sprayer with, of course, FREE P&P!

Less time cleaning the patio, decking, pathways, driveway and conservatory means more time enjoying your garden. And at this time of year as everything starts to come out of hibernation, what more could you want, than time to enjoy the Pansies, Primula, Daffodils, and my Camellia tree is just beautiful… watch this space!

Enjoy every second of Spring

Make sure you tune in between 9pm Sunday 2nd April until 9pm Monday 3rd April on Sky 654, Freeview 22, Virgin 747 and Freesat 812 or visit to take advantage of this fantastic offer.