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Hate cleaning floors? Love having time to relax? Then you need to make room in your routine for this amazing piece of kit! The iRobot Roomba 630 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner does the work for you, leaving more time to relax and put your feet up. The award-winning iRobot Roomba is a highly sophisticated and easy-to-use household helper which provides a better way to take care of those dirty and mundane tasks. So sit back and relax; it’s time to let the iRobot serve you.


The iRobot has an intriguing backstory as well as being super intelligent; it was actually invented by the same people who make space robots and deal with bomb disposals, so you know the technology is up to scratch! Founded in 1990 by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) roboticists, more than 14 million home robots have been sold worldwide, with the award-winning iRobot Roomba floor vacuuming robot leading the charge. Irobots around the world are unclogging gutters, performing bomb disposals and even planetary exploration! So don’t sweat it; to the iRobot vacuuming up a little dust is as easy as it is for you to put your feet up.

The very clever Roomba uses acoustic sensors to detect small particles of dirt and focus its cleaning effort. Where it senses dirt it will work harder, making several passes until the floor is clean. Featuring IAdapt Technology, the Roomba is intuitive and exploratory and chooses from dozens of robotic behaviours more than 60 times per second to ensure complete coverage of every section of your floor.


The Roomba is specially shaped to clean right up to your wall edges and kick boards, moving along the wall in a smooth fashion to maximise room coverage. With clutter navigation and cliff detection, the Roomba will manoeuvre around a cluttered or heavily furnished room without knocking into things. It can even be trusted upstairs but please note, Roomba will not clean stairs. It’s good, but not that good. However, Roomba can determine between soft and solid barriers so it will go underneath curtains, comforters, bed skirts and couch skirts, so you need never worry about those hard to reach areas again.

What’s more, Ideal World have this fabulous TV exclusive model at an unbeatable price! Not only do you get the Roomba 630, but you also get the light gate (to keep the Roomba from wandering off) and the base station (so it can take itself home when it is done or when it needs charging).


Now all you need to decide is what to do with all your spare time whilst you let your iRobot clean up after you! See the iRobot in action on Ideal World TV at 11am on 21st May.

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