Make your home fit for Winter with Everest


Make your home fit for winter with EverestIf you’ve been paying attention to the news recently, then you’ll know that February is set to be FREEZING! Which means it’s time to start thinking about safeguarding your home against those winter chills.  

Mind the gap…

If you’re feeling the chill from draughts in your home, it’s likely that ill-fitting windows would be the culprit. All energy windows are manufactured to the most exactly standards to ensure that they are a perfect fit for your home. Each window is trimmed all the way round on the inside and the outside to ensure that no heat can escape!  If that doesn’t ensure that those pesky draughts don’t sneak through, each Everest window is fitted with high tech spacers that are coated in a special compound, which helps to minimise heat loss through conduction.

Through the glass…

Be honest, when was the last time you checked the glass in your windows? Every Everest window has been designed to make sure that heat stays inside your home where it belongs. Here’s the science bit…every windows includes a specially coated low-e glass pane that helps heat bounce back into your home, keeping your home warm and toasty!

Bills, bills, bills…

Did you know that fitting your home with Everest windows can help to cut down those extortionate energy bills? Windows that achieve an A++ rating could save you as much as £450 a year on your energy bills, which means more money to invest in your spring wardrobe!

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