Luggie: Top Tips for Christmas


With Christmas right around the corner, it’ll soon be time to start the festivities! This time of year, however, can bring extra challenges to those with mobility issues. With this in mind, we created 5 top tips to make sure you get the most from the festive fun.

  1. One of our Luggie travellers, Libby, on holiday!

    Travelling this Christmas?

Remember the two Ps… pack light and prepare! The Luggie Scooter is perfect for travelling far

and wide, with a collapsible structure, this nifty scooter can be easily stored on cars, buses and coaches. To lighten your load further, simply pack the essentials! Work out which outfits can be dressed up and down for different occasions, meaning more space in the suitcase. Speaking of suitcases, stick to one, so you’re not wrestling with several bags throughout the trip.

Always pre-plan your accommodation. Make sure your hotel has easy accessibility, most hotels will advertise their disabled access. Have a think about how you want to get around whilst on holiday, rely on taxis? or opt for public transport?

  1. Accessing Toilets

Whether you’re Christmas shopping or simply on a day out, it’s important to know where the nearest disabled toilet is located. If you’re one for planning ahead, this website: is perfect for finding a disabled toilet nearest your location, simply type the postcode in the box at the top of the page.

  1. Shop the online deals

Consider shopping the deals from the comfort of your own home, instead of battling it out on the high-street. We may be a little biased, but shopping the deals online *Cough*Ideal World *cough* ensures you get the best price delivered straight to your door, meaning no waiting in line during the busiest shopping period of the year. This leads us to our next tip…

  1. Timing is everything

If you don’t like the idea of waiting 3-5 days for delivery, make sure you pick off-peak times to visit the shops. Typically, shops will be at their quietest during the day on weekdays, meaning you can get your Christmas shopping done in peace, with less stress and difficulty. If you’re unsure if a shop has disabled access, don’t be afraid to call the store and check.

  1. Party, Party!

If you’re gearing yourself up for the work Christmas party, speak to whoever is organising the party to make sure the venue is wheelchair accessible, or that the necessary adjustments can be made.

Speaking of parties… we’re celebrating Luggie’s 2 year anniversary today at 3pm, and to celebrate we’re giving you Luggie’s best EVER deals here on Ideal World!

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