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Lusardi fans, we’ve got very exciting launch on the 2nd August at 3pm just for you! Those of you who are already fans of the Lusardi skincare range, will absolutely love the My Miracle Caviar and Keratin hair care collection.

Has everyday styling or over-colouring left your hair feeling dry and unmanageable? You’re not alone. With age comes a multitude of problems for our locks, which means finding a product that will give your tresses a little TLC.

Grey and dehydrated hair naturally 01produces less keratin, meaning hair becomes prone to damage and breakage. Packed full of Caviar, Keratin, Aloe Vera this wonder collection provides an anti-ageing defence against these common hair ailments.

We get it, the summer humidity combined with UV damage can leave hair looking as if you’ve been in a fight with a crimper. If you’re fighting the frizz The My Miracle Deep Hydration Masque is the ultimate hydration hero. With Caviar extract this nifty ingredient helps to counter UV damage and hydrate, leaving hair feeling silky soft!

05 No hair care routine would be complete without a Conditioning Crème. Containing keratin, this essential protein is naturally found in the cells of the hair, keeping it strong and healthy. Simply apply to clean, damp hair and leave on for up to 20 minutes for lustrous locks!

Add this gorgeous set to your daily routine to bring those locks back to life! Take a look for yourself here!

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