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Facing the Great Indoors: Kitchen Organisation

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Spending more time at home often leads you to recognise some of the jobs you might have been putting off… The cluttered ‘man drawer’ you can barely open or the terrible mess that’s growing in the cupboard under the stairs are common culprits! So, if you’re feeling like it’s time to face things head on and get decluttering, never fear: Ideal World are here to give you a nudge in the right direction with some great ideas for getting your Great Indoors organised, starting with kitchen organisation 101…

Stage One: Cleaning Out Your Fridge and Defining Zones

Kitchen fridge organisation

The heart of most kitchens is the fridge- it’s the first place you head when the pangs of hunger twang, but it can often be a place that’s neglected when one is sprucing up their home.

The best way to tackle your fridge is to first pull out all the contents so you can assess the situation. Where possible, try to keep your chilled items (particularly dairy and meat) cool by placing in insulated picnic bags out of direct sunlight.

Once everything is removed from the fridge- give the inside a thorough clean. Pull any shelves or drawers out and wash in the sink with some washing up liquid, then clean down the rest of the interior with an eco-friendly kitchen cleaner and a microfibre cloth.

Now that the fridge is spick and span, it’s time to return your food – but not before you’ve disgarded any out-of-date items. This is a great opportunity to define specific zones in your fridge to make it easier to find your favourite snacks going forward, whilst also reducing the risk of out-of-date lurkers lingering at the back. You will probably already have a few predetermined zones anyway, like the crisper drawer for fruit and vegetables or an egg holder in the door, but you can add to this yourself for increased organisation.

Kitchen organisation food containers

Another great way of making items easier to find, is to store products in containers in the fridge. You can even go as far as to get the label maker out for added organisation points! If you have a fairly deep fridge, sitting your containers on a baking tray or baking sheet is a great way of making everything accessible; just pull the tray forward and everything is at your fingertips!

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Stage Two: Kitchen Cupboard Space Saving

Clutter-free cupboard interior

Next up on our agenda is getting those overflowing kitchen units in check. Let’s be honest- are you slightly terrified of the Tupperware avalanche every time you open ‘that’ kitchen cabinet? Never fear – we have some great space-saving tips and tricks to make your cupboards a lot less scary!

The best place to start is, again, pull EVERYTHING out of your cupboards and start assessing what should really be where. It might seem extreme- but drawing out a ‘map’ of all the cupboard space you currently have and really considering where each group of items would be best-placed is a great way of getting your kitchen in order.

For example – making sure your mugs live as close as possible to your kettle, and your glasses nearest the tap is a great way of reducing your daily kitchen footfall. Think about where each activity takes place in your kitchen and try to designate the items needed for this in the kitchen cabinets nearest. For example, if you always plate up dinner on the kitchen island, keep the plates in the cupboard underneath this space.

Your next job is to be ruthless and disgard anything that you don’t need anymore. The easiest place to start is with out-of-date cupboard food… hands up anyone with spices in their spice rack that pre-date the Millennium? Next up, any kitchenware/ utensils which are broken or that you just know deep down you won’t use anymore. Finally, have a good think about whether you really need 83 mugs or 5 tin openers- if you know you only use your favourites and the others are just collecting dust, why not do a good deed and donate to a local charity shop or community centre that might be in need?

And now it’s time to refill those cupboards! If you are still struggling for room, this is a great time to invest in some space-saving products to make your cupboard space go further. These expandable, tiered cupboard stores are an amazing way of fitting more into a small footprint. Compact nesting sets of utensils, chopping boards or mixing bowls are also another great way of ensuring you get the maximum amount of kitchenware in the smallest of spaces.

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Stage Three: Maximising Your Counter Space

Tidy kitchen worktops

Now you have your kitchen cupboards shipshape, it’s time to cast your eyes over your wayward kitchen counters. Kitchens are probably one of the biggest culprits for amassing random items which really don’t belong in them at all… all those long stretches of worktops just crying out to be a dumping ground… but NO MORE!

Just as with your cupboards, start things off by assessing whether they belong in the kitchen, and whether you still want to keep them at all… bin, recycle or donate anything that you know is no longer of use to you.

Now assess which of the items you found on the countertops actually should find their home in a cupboard. Handily- stage two set you up nicely for this as you have more than likely unearthed some unused cupboard space that can now house said items quite nicely!

Organised kitchen cupboard

Next, give any electrical items a thorough clean (eg. toaster, kettle, microwave etc). Make sure everything is unplugged first though- an eco-friendly kitchen cleaner and a microfibre cloth should work for these too.

For those kitchen items you do want to keep out on display, it’s all about keeping things, neat, tidy, clean and accessible. A free-standing index chopping board system is a great item to keep on your counters so your chopping boards are always easy to get to but also have a definitive home to live in. A knife block is also a great way of keeping items you use regularly to hand in a neat and tidy fashion, whilst then freeing up drawer space for other items you use less often.

Now that you’ve completed the three stages, you can step back and admire your freshly organised kitchen space… with tidy worktops and ordered fridge and cupboards you’re ready to cook up a storm (or at the very least put the kettle on)!

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