Kelley Carey’s 30-day Fitness Challenge – Week 1

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As much as we’d like to believe it, there’s no such thing as a quick fitness fix. However, starting a 30-day fitness challenge is an easy way to stay focused and set short-term, realistic goals. We sat down with Vibrapower model, Kelley Carey, who has recently started her own 30-day fitness challenge. We get the top tips, advice and more…

What has made you want to start this 30-day fitness challenge?

   K:  Since hitting 40 a few years ago, I’ve found that I’ve been steadily gaining weight, especially around my waist and a lot of my old clothes have become too tight.  I also found that the usual tricks and tools that I used to employ to drop a few pounds and lean down were no longer working. I decided that enough was enough and I was going to challenge myself to see what I could achieve in 30 days if I exercised regularly and made healthier food choices!

As a model on the Vibrapower shows, I already know the benefits of using vibration technology to improve results, so I decided to use the Vibrapower Slim as part of my 30-day Fitness Challenge.

What are you planning to achieve over the course of this 30-day challenge?

   K:  I would be absolutely thrilled if I could get back into a couple of pairs of jeans that are currently too tight! I’m less concerned about the weight on the scales, but I’d love to drop an inch off my waist so I can feel more comfortable in my clothes again!

How will you go about achieving your goals?

   K: Over the course of the next 30 days I’ll be exercising using the Vibrapower Slim for 15-20 mins a day, to strengthen and tone different body parts. I’ll also be combining my exercise regime with a healthy eating plan. Nothing too drastic, just ensuring that I make better choices and cut out the unhealthy snacks.

Sleep and hydration are equally important to my goals, so I’ll be making sure I get to bed at a decent time each night and drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day! I’ll be tracking my results by taking weekly measurements, weighing myself and taking regular pictures; as you often see more in pictures than you do on the scales.

What kind of routines are you planning in order to reach your goals?

  K:  Each day I’m going to target different muscles groups to avoid overtraining them, so one day the exercises may focus on my upper body, the next it may be lower body or abdominals.  I’ll also be using the Vibrapower Slim for recovery, as vibration technology is great for massaging and loosening up any tight muscles.  I’ll basically be making sure I give different muscles group a rest in between workouts, to enable them to recover and get stronger and leaner.  I’ll be using bodyweight exercise, plus the bands and dumbbells… I’ll be keeping it fun and varied! Exercise doesn’t have to be boring.

Any tips for other people looking to do the same?

K: The hardest part is just getting started, once you get going, the results will come.  If you’re new to exercise, then just build up slowly. Anything you do is going to make improvements to your health and fitness levels. Exercising regularly will improve your energy levels as well as help you burn fat. Plus, you’ll release endorphins so your mood will be uplifted which will motivate you to keep going.  Try not to hang everything on a number on the scales as 9 times out of 10, the scale won’t move as quickly as you want them to. But, you’ll be losing inches and looking so much leaner!

       Other tips to help you stay on track are:

  • Schedule your workouts into the time of day when you’re most motivated. I’ll be doing mine first thing in the morning before the children get up, so I can’t get distracted by work and kids stuff!
  • Also, set yourself a floor and ceiling for your exercise goals – so if I do 3 minutes on the Vibrapower slim then I’ve still achieved my goal, but if I do 15 or 20 then that’s a bonus. Some days you may not feel like exercising so making your goals achievable will help you stay on track…if you make them too big, sometimes it feels too overwhelming and that’s when you end up giving up at the first hurdle.
  • Plan your meals and make sure you always have healthier food choices in the fridge, that way you’ll be less likely to go off track if you’re tired or if your day doesn’t go to plan. If you’re super organised, I’d even suggest bulk cooking, so you can always grab a meal when you’re hungry.  I’m a fan of overnight oats, as my mornings are always hectic, so having my breakfast ready to go means I start the day properly.
  • Plan your workout and keep a note of what you’re doing so you can see where you’re improving. There is nothing better than knowing you’ve managed to achieve one more press up or squat, than your last workout!
  • Make sure you’ve got a good playlist, exercise is much easier if you’re working out to uplifting music.

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