Introducing the Vax Cordless SlimVac

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When we first clapped eyes on the Vax Cordless SlimVac here at Ideal HQ, we have to admit it was love at first sight. Not only does this machine effortlessly glide across both carpets and hard floors, but with its unique ergonomic design, this machine will tackle those hard to reach dust-filled places too! We’re sure you’ll love the SlimVac as much as we do, so we’ve picked out our three favourite features…


The SlimVac not only looks sleek and stylish but boasts great performance too! Don’t be fooled by it’s slim build, this machine packs a punch when it comes to power. Featuring a 22.2V Lithium-ion battery, simply pop the vacuum on charge and get ready for 24 minutes of long lasting cleaning power- far longer than its competitors!



Now, we know cleaning can be a chore but the Cordless SlimVac makes easy work of our weekly spring clean! With a removable powered floor head that easily attaches to the detachable handheld machine, you’ll be bale to easily get into those cracks and crevaces that always seem to fill with dust. If you’re tired of dragging the household vacuum out to the car, simply charge the handheld, attach the powered floor head to the handheld and get cleaning!


We all have that spot in the house that seems impossible to clean, dust has no problem settling in the most awkward of places. It just loves to lurk under the bed, on carpets and sofas! With steerable technology, the SlimVac offers powerful, lightweight and effortless cleaning whilst easily manoeuvring around corners and furniture. Another fantastic feature includes the ‘continuous power latch’ on the separate detachable handheld, which allows you to get down between cushions, under furniture or on the stairs without loss of power!

 3 Top reasons why we love the Vax Cordless SlimVac

  1. With a flexible design, swap between the detachable wands, handheld and powerhead to adjust your cleaning performance.
  2. Use the Crevice tool to get into those tight spots or the wand for skirting boards and in-between furniture.
  3. The Hard Floor tool is ideal for cleaning delicate wood without leaving scratches and mark, while the pet/stair tool is great for cleaning pet beds!

Pick up your exclusive Vax SlimVac bundle at 9pm on Friday 9th of September! Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter! 

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