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Introducing Chef Joe's Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog….I know right…me…writing a blog. I’m as shocked as you are, believe me.

“How on earth has this come to happen?” I hear you say, well, let me enlighten you.

A long, long time ago (almost 6 years now) a fresh-faced young whipper snapper of a chef popped up on your telly box at Ideal World. I would be telling fibs if I said it was all plain sailing in the early days….

Although I’m not so sure the years have been kind physically, with regard to my presenting skills I think there’s a marked improvement. After almost six years on air at Ideal World I have been given a new job! I can sense the panic as you start to speculate that maybe I’ve finally been shipped out to the call centre or taken a job in the warehouse, but fear not, I’m still going to be on your screens as much as ever (possibly more if you’re lucky) in my new role as Culinary Expert.

As well as bringing you fresh ideas and big brands in the kitchen, I can now be found running a mock in the office most days, dreaming up tasty new recipes, cracking terrible jokes, developing exciting new product ranges and being a general annoyance for the gorgeous people that are the Ideal World team.

…Can we talk about Dessert Cafes? 

Every month in my blog I will be taking a look at what’s happening out there in the wider culinary world and I’ve started close to home……can we talk about dessert cafes? Seemingly everywhere I look there’s another one popping up!

I will level with you, I hadn’t heard of the concept a mere 6 months back. Now in my less than cosmopolitan home city we have a total 7 establishments serving all manner of ice cream, waffles, milkshake, biscuits, brownies and pie. Based solely on the grounds of research (!), I headed off to the newest kid on the dessert café block (I know, how selfless I hear you cry).

I arrived, alone, to what can only be described as how I imagine Barbie’s life size kitchen would look and smell like – massive leather booths, pink sparkly wallpaper and a cabinet full of ice cream. I was completely bamboozled by the sheer choice! I counted around 25 different sundae options alone, that’s before we even get onto the waffles and cakes. I finally made a choice and headed up to order…..peanut butter milkshake and warm cookie dough with ice cream. My shake arrived first, it was huge! It was so thick that you needed the lung capacity of an Olympic athlete to suck it up through the straw provided. I finally gave in and resorted to using a spoon to tackle it.

Having finished my shake and already starting to feel a bit queasy, it was time for the main event, a red hot plate of molten cookie dough with an almighty dollop of ice cream to accompany it. It was quite possibly the sweetest thing I had ever eaten, I managed around half before leaving, feeling a bit sick.


Dessert cafes are clearly very popular and are here to stay, currently being the fastest growing sector of the restaurant industry. Would I go back? Probably not. Should you go and give one a try? Absolutely!!! Maybe learn from my mistake and don’t order both a dessert and a milkshake!

See you back here next month with tales of Pommes Frittes from the continent!

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  1. june bunston

    hi joe love your shows when are we going to have the cookshop 8 in one cooker back cant do with out mine however the inner bowl on mine has seen better days


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