Introducing the Aquatube

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Introducing the Aquatube

We love innovation here at Ideal Towers, so when we heard about a new product that will help us get fitter in a unique and fun way, we were all a little excited to say the least!   

Introducing the Aquatube! If you’re not one for hitting the gym on a regular basis or prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home- the Aquatube is perfect for you!  Using ‘Flow Resistance Training’, water flows freely inside the Aquatube, creating a constantly varying resistance. This activates and exercises more muscles (especially that troublesome core) than conventional equipment, delivering results quicker!

With infinite customisation, you can change the weight you want simply by altering the level of water in the tube. If you struggle with motivation, this handy piece of kit even comes with a FREE instructional DVD, filled to the brim with handy workouts for all levels of fitness.

3 reasons we love the Aquatube!

  1. Storage: The Aquatube comes with it’s very own drawstring carry bag and shoulder strap, the tube only weighs 2kg and can be stored in various places around the home.
  2. Customisation: From a little to a lot, its completely down to the individual how much resistance they want to feel-simply by the amount of water they use!
  3.  Easy to follow DVD: Never get stuck for workout ideas again! Our resident fitness expert Tim Britton will show you how to get the most from your Aquatube with the easy-to-follow DVD!

Get your hands on this fantastic new product for just £79.99 (that’s a huge £20 saving!) during our POD from 9pm on Saturday 21st January – or click here to buy now >

Are you hoping to get fitter in the New Year? We’ve got all you’ll need to make that #OneChange for a happier, healthier January:


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    1. Ideal WorldIdeal World Post author

      Hi Susan! We’re so excited about the Aquatube, it’s such a fantastic product! Don’t miss the launch at 9pm on Saturday 21st January and get yours for just £79.99 (that’s a huge £20 saving!) x


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