Ideal World celebrates 18 years with Shaun Ryan

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Young Shaun at just 18 years old!

If you aren’t already aware, our keen gardener and presenter, Shaun Ryan, has been with us since the very first day Ideal World launched on your TV screens. To celebrate our 18th Birthday this week, we caught up with him to look back on his time here at Ideal World!

What are the highlights of your presenting career at Ideal World?

“There have been loads, but I’d say definitely presenting the cruise shows with Planet Cruise because that got me into trying cruise holidays. I’ve done loads of them now! I think doing the gardening shows have been good as well because I’ve become a really keen gardener.”

What product do you miss?

“We used to do a really big Christmas show with lots of big Christmas lights called ‘Crazy Christmas’. I used to present that and I miss it. It was really good fun! I know we still do a few Christmas things, but not like the big 2 hour shows we used to have on a Saturday.”

How did you get into acting?

“It’s a bit of a long story this one! I’d always wanted to be a presenter since I was a teenager so I just got it into my head. I originally wanted to do kids presenting and I got a few bits and pieces but then I did a post-graduate degree at a drama school! The way I got into shopping telly presenting though is that in-between jobs, I started to demonstrate products at exhibitions and then I thought ‘oh, I’d quite like to do shopping TV’! So, here I am, 18 years later!”

What did you do before becoming a presenter at Ideal World?

“I used to work on Top of the Pops! I used to do the warm-ups to get the crowds going, which was great because I got to meet all of the pop stars and I used to do some work on the cameras.”

Who is the most famous person you’ve met?

“Probably Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue. Oh and Madonna and David Bowie! I used to get to meet them all and most people were really down-to-earth and nice. I loved it.”

If you had to sell me a paper clip, how would you do it?

“Probably very badly! It would be tough, I think I’d just have to have a bit of fun with it. I couldn’t do an hour-long show though!”

What did you do on your 18th birthday?

“My parents paid for me to have a fantastic party in York. We had a DJ, food and I just remember getting really drunk for the first time and snogging lots of people – it was great! My parents weren’t even there they just dropped me off and left me to it!”

What personality trait makes you fit in with the Ideal World family?

“What I love about Ideal World is that we don’t tend to be perfect – families aren’t perfect are they? Everyone’s real. I think I’m quite down-to-earth and real and I like to have fun and take the mickey out of myself a bit. So yeah, I think I fit into the family!”

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9 thoughts on “Ideal World celebrates 18 years with Shaun Ryan


    Ah – love Shaun – he’s such a nice guy. I like the laid – back way he presents a show. I love them all, but sometimes have to turn the sound down ‘caus they get so hyper lol x

  2. AvatarAnn Stenton

    i love watching Planet Cruise,Shaun always gets exited and his enthusiasm demonstrates his love of the ships,we have booked many holidays from the show but i think what i like most about Shaun is the great respect and love he has for his mother. a genuine bloke
    happy birthday Ideal world

  3. AvatarYvonne McMenemy

    I love watching Sean he is the most down to earth Presenter and friendly and he really knows his stuff. Here’s to another 18 years Sean. Luv Yvonne Xx


    Such a genuine friendly , lovable person. Love it when he nips into the fashion shows and says Mum would like that or I must order that for Mum and he is so right about the two hour Christmas shows, I used to watch each week, they where so much fun it was better than watching normal T.V. programs. lol. xx

  5. AvatarDave Loydon

    Shaun is a great person so kind and feeling for other people also a fantastic presenter
    i class him as my friend!!

  6. AvatarJANET WELLS

    It was lovely to read all about you .All the people on the show are so friendly. And the products are great. And having Asda on you side makes it a lot better for us all . So thanks to you all xxxxxxxxxx


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