Winter Fashion Day: Dressing for your Shape

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How to Dress for your Shape

As its our Winter Fashion Day today at Ideal world there will be lots of great brands and gorgeous outfits to choose from throughout the day.

There will be something for every shape and size. So lets have a look at what your body shape is and the best way to make the most of it.

There are four main body shapes.



Usually characterised by rounded shoulders and a fuller tummy. Most of the weight is carried around the middle of the body and this shape usually has slimmer legs.

Create a more balanced look to rounded shoulders with extra detail in that area, this can be done with embellishments or a top / dress with angel sleeve details.

As the weight is carried around the mid area try going for a little more drape to skim over the tummy. An empire cut works really well for apple shapes.

Give the illusion of a waist with a side gather or a top which is cut on the curve

Layering is a great way create a slimmer look, try a cami top with a longline jacket or cardigan.

Fit to go for: Empire, layered look, side gather, dip hem.


Pear shapes are fuller on the bottom half – hips and thighs, and are smaller on the shoulders. Usually a slim waist and top and bottom can be different dress sizes.

Draw attention away from a larger tummy with A-line shapes in skirts and dresses. Show off a smaller waist with a belt or a skirt / dress that is fitted on the waist.

With tops it’s a good idea to wear them a little longer with a good cut to float out where you need it.

As a pear shape myself I tend to stick to three main shapes and I like to add balance to the top area with a necklace or, like the apple shape, detail on the shoulders and sleeves.

Fit to go for: Tulip, A line, Fit and Flare, longline, back dip hem.


The hourglass has a smaller waist, larger bust and rounded hips. It’s the easiest shape to dress as most styles will suit the hourglass .

Lucky you! The hourglass shape is a great shape as everything is usually in good proportion. You can pretty much wear anything but do be careful of too much gather or frills in the front as it can make you look top heavy.

Fit to go for: Body con, structured, pencil line.


Lots of women who are quite slim can find it difficult to find items that don’t swamp them.

Stick to simple cuts and good tailoring. Make sure you balance top and bottom as too much detail at the top can give the wrong proportion.

Layering is perfect for slim shapes as it can add volume where you need it and give a better silhouette.

Fit to go for: Layered, straight cut on trousers, floaty tops and camis.

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