Hayley & Shaun’s Valentine’s Day

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Hayley and Shaun ventured out to the capital for Valentine’s Day this week. Here’s what they got up to:

So for the first time in ages, we happened to get a day off together and it was Valentine’s Day!

We’d had a great day at work with the Vibrapower Life Pick of the Day and doing some exciting filming for our Birthday event. We then went back to our proper house in the Midlands for a night in and then off the next day for an adventure in London.

We didn’t really have any proper plans as we weren’t sure we were going to be off but on the train, Shaun got to work to plan the day and I got to catch up on my current favourite TV Show (The thriller McMafia!! Anyone else been watching?)

By the time we arrived Shaun had it all planned! We were off to ITV to watch a recording of the comedy couple show ‘Your Face or Mine’. It was perfect for Valentine’s! You would think however the couple who were on there were from TOWIE (which we don’t watch and I thought TOWIE and The Only Way is Essex were two different programmes!) and they were a beautiful couple.

The programme was all about looks, but was quite awkward at times because of the questions that were thrown at them, quite testing on your relationship!! The hosts were Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan who were both superb! Quick-witted fun and a little rude!

Then onward to the London Eye Lounge for a few cocktails by the Thames. The next thing we did was not the most traditional of Valentine’s activities, we went to meet Shrek at The Shrek Adventure! It was brilliant! All the characters from the films and we had so much fun with the live interactive character actors and a couple more cocktails along the way! It was great! We’re big kids at times (most of the time)!



Then to finish the night we went for a late candlelit romantic dinner, great food, great wine and good company. We have to pack it all in when we have the time off and that’s what we did. As usual, our madcap days and nights continue! We are so lucky to work together in a great place and then get to have our special times too. See you back at Ideal World at the weekend for more great deals and who knows what else!

Hayley xx

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