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We caught up with the one and only Sally Jacks to have a bit of a giggle and talk about her blunders in the past!

How do you prepare yourself before going on air?

“I suppose it’s getting my full slap on! The more I put makeup on the quicker you begin to do it – I can even now put a full face on in the car when Gary’s driving – false eyelashes and everything!”

Do you get nervous before a show?

“It depends what I’m doing – if I’m promoting a new product then yes or if I’m going out to sing at a big gig then yes but if it’s a little show then I’m alright. I tend to get more nervous when friends and family are going to be there. I remember my sister asking me to sing at one of her dos the other year and I was a right mess! It’s weird.

“I remember as well opening a show at the Royal Albert Hall for the Grand Prix. I had about 50 dancers behind me and then I started singing and about one verse in, someone had stopped the backing track CD. Everybody stopped! But I wasn’t nervous, I just laughed it off.”

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever worn?

“I made a massive fashion faux par when I went out clubbing. Once, I wore this giant hooped skirt – the kind you wear under a wedding dress but it was black with glitter! I paired it with some huge platforms and a backless top with wings on it. Everyone loved it but I look back on it now and think ‘oh no’!”

Tell us the funniest thing your son has ever said:

“Well, funnily enough, one was just the other day – it was really funny because there was quite a few of us there and he turned around and said to me ‘mummy will you shut up, you’re irritating me’! Well, obviously it’s nice that he’s expressing his opinions but I told him ‘you can’t really tell mummy to shut up’!
We also went to the Manchester Christmas markets and we were having all the German food and as we come away he said ‘I’ve had such a lovely day, when are we going to do this again’ it was like having a little old man with us – he’s only 3!”

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you?

“I was singing a gig in front of 100,000 people in Finsbury Park for Mardis Gras and I had to borrow another girls bra. This other girls’ bra was too big for me and one of my boobs popped out! That was embarrassing – a bit more than I wanted to reveal!”

How do you feel about pineapple on pizza?

“Pineapple on pizza? I blooming love it! My favourite pizza is Hawaiian – I don’t get people not liking it! The only thing I don’t like it chocolate coffee. I don’t like coffee so I absolutely can’t stand those two together!”

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5 thoughts on “Have a giggle with Sally Jacks

  1. AvatarCarol Webb

    I love Sally’s fashion shows she is so funny off all the tv presenters she is the best she is a great sales person and allways looks smart.

  2. AvatarMs Linda BOWER

    Sally has a great laugh, I sing in a choir, but not all Hail Mary’s, songs like Sing the one Gary Barlow wrote for Queen,Razzle Dazzle, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, (or words to that effect), Sway, Love Shine A Light, Katrina &The Waves( arranged by our Choir . I love singing but need more nerve to sing on own. I’m 66 just lost my mam June 2017, she was 100yrs old. Don’t know how to twit? tweet? or any others hee hee. Don’t suppose anyone will get this my I T skills are not up to scratch xxx

  3. AvatarDenise

    I remember you from bid tv you still are the amazing woman I use to watch you make me laugh most of the time you are so entertaining keep it up
    I take your recommendation and give most things a go
    When are u getting summer clothes in maybe menswear
    Your sincerely

  4. AvatarValerie Kelly

    I love Sally Jacks – have been a fan since her Bid TV days. She has a wonderful bubbly personality and has had me in stitches many times. Sally will laugh at this ” I even worried about her driving home late at night like I would my own daughters ! “


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