Gtech: On Your Bike


Gtech: On your Bike

The electric bike has crowned itself as the latest trend on two wheels, known as the Ebike, more and more people are opting to trade in their traditional bicycles for these electric counterparts. If you’re not one for hard-core road cycling or a member of a ‘Lycra Brigade’ then an EBike might be for you…

Fall in love with cycling again as we launch the new Gtech eBikes this Sunday at 11am!

So how does it work? Simply hop on like you would a normal bike and pedal, whenever you need that little extra boost, the powerful lithium battery will give you that extra push. Those pesky hills will feel flatter, distances will seem shorter and bike rides more pleasurable!

Whether you commute or ride for leisure, the ability to tackle those hills without breaking a sweat is a huge bonus. Most people will rule out commuting by bike simply because of the mess. Arriving at your destination drenched in sweat is not a good look, however, the combination of cruising and cycling with added power means you can still burn those calories without a full-blown, sweaty workout.

For thousands of people getting into a daily exercise routine can be troublesome, from busy schedules to health issues, there’s hundreds of reasons why we fail to fit in a much needed workout. Riders with a busy lifestyle can use the Gtech Ebike for both transport and exercise, adding a little movement to their day-to-day routines.

Join us for the launch of the GTech eBike on Sunday at 11am! Shop here: 

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