The Great Ideal Cake Off

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Summer is the perfect time for baking cakes, experimenting with new recipes and indulging in good food. So what better time to launch The Great Ideal Cake Off?! We have created 11 delicious baking recipes in-house with our amazing Kitchen team along with stunning photography created in-house which will have you reaching into your screen for a taste. Our recipes are designed to satisfy all you keen bakers out there, from beginners to experts. We also have some amazing new baking products coming your way including Cake Boss, Tala and Swan. So keep an eye out online and on our TV channels for our brand new baking shows to keep you inspired throughout the summer and get ready to get your bake on!


We will be releasing a new recipe every week to test your skills, starting with a delicious coffee and walnut cake. Our star product for this recipe is the Wilton 4-Piece Aluminum Performance Deep Round Tin Set which are fantastic when you need a variety of sizes. This set will have you baking fabulous tiered cakes in the exact size your heart desires. Constructed from quality aluminium which holds its shape for years, this set includes 8″, 10″, 12″ and 14″ tins, each 3″ deep.


We have also done a special collaboration with Gourmet Gadgetry who have given us their secret (and yummy) pink wafer recipe which can be made with their fantastic Ice Cream Cone and Waffle Dish Maker! Simple, pretty and downright delicious; what’s not to love?


Don’t forget to check out a brand new baking recipe every week and keep your eye on our channel for brand new baking shows including lots of amazing products! What is your secret baking recipe? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or drop us a comment below.

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