Joanne Denise: Tips for the perfect BBQ!

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As Windsor Castle gears up to celebrate the Queens 90th birthday this weekend, we wanted to jump on the celebratory bandwagon with our #GreatBritishGardenParty celebration! We know many of you can’t wait to fire up the BBQ this weekend (weather permitting!) so we sat down with BBQ lover Joanne Vandermerwe-Mahon to find out her perfect tips!


It’s all in the preparation!

‘Where we grew up in South Africa, the BBQ was known as the Braai. We would Braai everything and anything when it came to the weekend! So how can you make your BBQ this weekend enjoyable for everyone? This was ingrained into us from a young age, so here goes…

The key recipe for a great Braai is to prepare as much in advance as possible, set out the table like a buffet with plates and napkins, making sure that sauces and cutlery are easily available.’

Accompaniments are key

‘The best accompaniment to any BBQ is definitely new potatoes, simply boil, drain and serve with hot butter and mint sprigs. In South Africa, accompaniments included Maize porridge called ‘Pap’ which is usually served with a tomato and onion gravy!

Sliced crusty bread is an absolute must at any BBQ, this always looks great when set out on a chopping board. If you’re serving sausages or burgers, simply butter the bread and set out in a basket.

I’ve always found that a green salad of watercress, baby spinach leaves and rocket leaves dressed with a simple olive oil and lemon seasoning goes down really well, you can also add warm peas. For more colourful salads, try tomato and creamy goat’s cheese or a beetroot salad with sweet carrots and cashew nuts for a salad with crunch!’


The BBQ Itself?

‘The perfect heat for cooking comes from hot coals and not flames, this can easily be achieved with a wigwam made of wood and twigs, placing the coals beneath. Remember to keep feeding your fire until the flames die down, use this time to enjoy your guests company- there’s nothing worse than a preoccupied hostess!


‘What you cook is completely up to you! Wishing you all a lovely (hopefully sunny) weekend!’

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