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Are you tired of chipped and tatty nails? Are you too busy for a salon and prefer to pamper yourself the comfort of your own home? Then enjoy hard-wearing and eye-catching nails with this Gelled LED Nail Kit and Set of Nail Polishes collection! These gorgeous nail colours come in fabulous sets of 3 and we have picked our favourite Pop Neons, including Electric Purple, Shocking Pink and Outrageous Orange. Once charged, the dryer is portable so you can even wander around the house whilst waiting for your new nails to dry! So while you decide on your colour sit back and enjoy this in-house photo shoot we created just for you! Do you recognise our brand new presenter Fayon’s lovely hands?


Find your colour with Gelled Nails. This beauty product is ideal for a girl’s night in or a makeover treat for yourself. This at home “One Step Gel” nail system with LED light allows you to get professional quality finish at your very own convenience.33

Drying in super fast time, the innovative Gelled range of nail polishes incorporate photo-initiator technology to dry and harden quickly when exposed to the Nail Dryer LED Lamp. The included Nail Dryer LED Lamp has been designed so you can cure all five nails – of hands or feet – at once! Powered by USB or battery, the lightweight Nail Dryer LED Lamp is easy to transport, so you can have salon quality nails wherever you go!


The Gel Nail Polishes are quick and easy to apply and don’t require base or top coats or residue remover and are quick to remove with standard nail polish remover. Simply apply one coat for a subtle shade or two coats for intense colour and even better no chips or scuffs for up to two weeks!


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