For the Love of Pie

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As most people start to ponder over what romantic gestures they may bestow upon
their loved ones this Valentines, I’m getting pretty excited for my one true love….Pie! My love of pie is well documented – even as a child at primary school, my nickname was simply, Pie!

This sudden rekindling of my love of pie is for very good reason. We are thrilled that Lime Tree Pantry pies are coming back to Ideal World! So in preparation for the launch, I hopped in the car, cranked up my Eurovision playlist and took a trip to Ollerton in Nottinghamshire.

Lime Tree Pantry Foods have been producing their award winning pies on the same site now for over twenty years. Once I arrived, had a lovely cuppa and a good chat with Chris (the boss of the pies), I popped on a fetching hair net, disposable lab coat and shoe coverings ready to start my tour of their factory.

As soon as I entered the factory, I was overcome with the exceptional aroma of freshly baked pies, beautiful slow cooked meat fillings and bubbling fruit compots. The whole production is based on site to keep their exceptional quality. Massive mixers kneaded the shortcrust pastry dough (which is made to a secret, third generation family recipe) while automatic machines pressed the fresh pastry into pie shapes when they’re finally sent along to be hand-spooned with delicious sweet or savoury fillings. These pies are then glazed and wheeled into the biggest oven I had ever encountered before appearing deliciously golden brown ready to be chilled and packaged up.

Whilst they run a very slick operation, Lime Tree Pantry produce all of their pies in small batches using prime whole cuts of meat and locally sourced produce. If like me you’re crazy about pies (and cake) then please join me during the kitchen Pick of the Day shows this Monday 13th Feb from 9pm and 11pm and Tuesday 14th Feb all day for a slice of deliciousness.

Side note for all of those people that actually have romance in their lives then don’t forgot to check out my Valentines recipe that we’ve launched over on Joe’s Quick Kitchen.


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