Five Tips for Christmas Planning


Whether you firmly believe in starting your Christmas shopping early or wish the whole season would quietly disappear until December 25th, it doesn’t hurt to get your Christmas chores sorted early. With that in mind we’ve got a five tips for Christmas planning!

Five Tips for Christmas PlanningConsider a set budget

We all know Christmas can end up being incredibly expensive!  Try writing a list of everyone you want to send a present to this year and what you want to send, this way you’ll have a focused approach to Christmas shopping.

Are you a keen crafter? Why not try making a gift this year and add a personal touch? If you create something based on a skill you already possess you’ll be surprised at how much money you can save! Think about things like- cookies in a jar, homemade cupcakes etc. We’ve got all you could need here:

Buy extra presents

Sounds ridiculous if you’re on a budget, right?  But it’s actually more cost effective! If you bulk buy on small gifts when they‘re on offer, you’ll always have something in the cupboard when unexpected guests pop-by. Check out our fantastic beauty sets here:

Pre-plan your Christmas cards

Oh, the stress of having to remember everyone on your Christmas card list! Cut the hassle of writing everyone’s address out by hand by simply typing up the contents of your little red book into a word document and printing out onto stickers. That way, by the time next Christmas swings by, you’ll already have a list ready to go!  Take a look at our wonderful Christmas cards here:

Set up a Christmas calendar

With all the stress of Christmas, it’s important to remember to simply enjoy the festive season! Whether or not you decide to attend your local Christmas market, it’s always a wise idea to add all the key dates i.e. pantomimes, family visits onto the calendar. Now is the perfect time to book yourself tickets for events before the mad rush in December.

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