Exclusive Q&A with Linda Lusardi


 We went backstage with Linda Lusardi to talk about beauty trends, funny moments and more! Keep reading to find out.

What’s the most interesting part of your job at Ideal World?

“It’s rewarding to bring a skin care collection to the public for such a reasonable price, when to get those kinds of ingredients you’ll probably have to spend hundreds of pounds. It’s nice to bring it to an audience that perhaps otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.”

Are you working on any exciting projects?

“I’ve just signed for pantomime and I’m working on some TV projects this year!”

Out of all your skin care products, which is your favourite?

“I haven’t really got a favourite but the one I would say is the most essential is the night cream because that’s when your skin is relaxed and it’s almost like an overnight treatment. It puts back all the moisture that’ you’ve lost during the day! It leaves your skin feeling plump and soft. I couldn’t live without my night cream!”

Is there any beauty trends that you’re loving at the moment?

“The charcoal mask – which I’ve just included in my range – is a newcomer out there really and everybody’s into charcoal. It does really draw the imperfections out of your skin and purifies the skin. It just detoxes it which is amazing! If you do it a couple of times a week for 10-15 minutes, it leaves you with a lovely glow.”

What’s your funniest moment on TV?

“Every time I do an Ideal World show there’s a funny moment. We had a bit today where things got a little bit naughty. I think it’s when you get the giggles and it all goes wrong. I think Phil and Holly set the trend and it’s now not so terrible if it happens!

“I remember when I was first on TV like 30/40 years ago if you did anything like that you’d probably lose your job! But now, people like you to be human – I quite like it when things go wrong on the telly and you can have a good laugh.”

What’s your greatest achievement?

“Both my kids are probably things I’m most proud of! I think my other greatest achievement is to still be working since I first started back in 1978 and to still be earning a living in a business I love and enjoy, and may it carry on for a lot longer!”

Check out Linda’s Lusardi My Miracle skincare range here.

3 thoughts on “Exclusive Q&A with Linda Lusardi

  1. AvatarPatricia Wakelam

    Why is your 4 in 1 Flawless Finish make up no longer available. This was the best make up I ever used and have not been able to get it for over 1 year now.


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